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Common Types of Circular Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen is round in appearance, most of which refer to fine screening products, which are divided into circular vibrating screen, circular ultrasonic vibrating screen, circular direct discharge sifter, circular umbler screen, circular filter sieve, circular high frequency Vibrating screen, the following will introduce these common circular vibrating screens in detail.

Types of circular vibrating screens

1. Circular  vibratory sifter

Circular  vibratory sifter

The circular vibratory sifter is mainly used for the screening of raw materials and the final production inspection of finished products. It can remove agglomerates and contaminants in products. It can provide up to 5 grades of classification in one operation to achieve accurate particle size distribution. Up to 100-3300 kg.

2. Circular ultrasonic vibrating screen

Circular ultrasonic vibrating screen

The circular ultrasonic vibrating screen is an ultrasonic system added on the basis of the ordinary circular vibrating screen. It consists of a generator and a probe, and applies ultrasonic frequency to the screen. Blocking the mesh, which not only increases the capacity of the screened product, but also allows precise separation down to 20µm (#635 mesh). The screening accuracy can be increased by more than 80%, and the output can be increased by 2-5 times.

3. Circular direct discharge sifter

Circular ultrasonic vibrating screen

Different from the ordinary circular vibrating screen, the inlet and outlet of the direct discharge sifter are designed in the same vertical direction, which will speed up the discharge speed of the material, the relative output will be larger, and the processing capacity is 2- 5 times, but the shorter sieving time makes it more suitable for general rough sieving or impurity removal, and is suitable for 120-200 mesh.

4.  Circular tumbler screen

Circular tumbler screen

The circular tumbler screen abandons the screening principle of the circular vibrating screen, simulates the action of manual screening, and produces a three-dimensional rolling motion of horizontal and throwing. It is suitable for fine-grained materials within 500 mesh, and the screening accuracy is improved by 90-95% , the output is 5-10 times that of the circular vibrating screen, it is a screening equipment with high precision and high output. In addition, the umbler screen does not vibrate at high speed, and the fragile materials and agglomerates will not be destroyed, which improves the quality of the finished product.

5. Circular filter sieve

Circular filter sieve

Filter sieve is often used in the liquid filtration industry to remove unwanted particles in liquids or suspensions. Of course, it can also be used as powder impurity removal equipment. Its small size can be used in factories or small workshops with small processing capacity.

6. Circular high frequency vibrating screen

Different from the circular vibrating screen, the high-frequency vibrating screen adopts a 2-stage high-frequency vibration motor (ordinary circular vibrating screen adopts a 4-stage vibration motor), the frequency is 50HZ, the vibration range is 1-2mm, and the vibration intensity is 8-10% of the acceleration. Times, 3000 rpm high-frequency vibration, to ensure that viscous liquids pass through the screen, can be used to screen glazes and other viscous fluids, such as ceramics (slurry, glaze), paints, coatings, etc.

The above are the common types of circular vibrating screen. Different types of circular vibrating screen can be specially customized according to industry requirements, such as gate type, edge type, mobile type, silo type, airtight type, etc.

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