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Vibro Sifter

Ideal for screening incoming ingredients and final production checks on finished powders.

CE ISO Registered trademark


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500 mesh fine sieve 5 stages of separation Not blocked

Diameter: 400mm(15"), 600mm(24"), 800mm(31"), 1000mm(39"), 1200mm(47"), 1500mm(59"), 1800mm(70"), 2000mm(78")

Mesh size: 2-500 mesh

Capacity: 100-3300kg/h

Screen frame: 1-5 layers (3 layers is best)

Material: Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L, polypropylene plastic

Motor power: 0.25Kw to 2.2Kw or customized

Power supply: 220/240/380/415/450V can be used. 50 or 60HZ.

Application: Suitable for dry or wet applications such as silica, ceramics, powder coatings, tapioca starch, coffee beans, copper powder, silver powder, etc.

Commitment: Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

What is Vibro Sifter?

The Vibro sifter is specially designed to improve the quality of your powder, granule or liquid products for inspection screening of your products, it is ideal for screening incoming ingredients and final production inspection of finished powders, by increasing the number of sieve layers, The product is sieved with different finenesses to achieve precise particle size distribution.

ypes of Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter has 1-layer, 2-layer, 3-layer, 4-layer and 5-layer sieve plates, it is suitable for sieving from 2 to 500 meshes, and the products can be classified into 2-6 different specifications through different meshes , and eliminates excessive contamination in various applications. Machine contact parts are made of Q235 carbon steel, SS316L, SS304 stainless steel, etc. Interchangeable screens can be provided according to user requirements, providing various sizes from 400 mm to 2000 mm diameter, allowing 100 to 5,000 kg/hour of production, It depends on the product, mesh size and the feed flow of the machine.

Uses of Vibro Sifter

vibro sifter machine

Classification and screening: Divide the solid particles into different particle groups of equal size. A vibro sifter can accurately and continuously classify 2-6 kinds of specifications at the same time, which is suitable for the classification of granular and powdery materials in multiple industries.

Removal of impurities: Quickly remove small or large particles with a low percentage.

Solid-liquid separation: It can quickly remove insoluble substances in various types of slurries. It can filter up to 100 cubic meters per hour. It is suitable for filtration of liquids such as ceramics and pigments.

Types and Classifications of Vibro Sifter

Ordinary Vibro Sifter

Ordinary Vibro Sifter

Can be used to remove broken or undersized products, provides up to 5 levels of classification in one operation for precise particle size distribution, and sieves up to 500 mesh.

Mesh size(mesh):2-500


Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter

Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter

Prevent mesh blinding and blocking of your mesh with ultrasonic system, which increases screening capacity by a factor of 10, increasing productivity while allowing separation accuracy down to 20µm (#635 mesh).

Mesh size(mesh): 635


Inline Vibro Sifter

Inline Vibro Sifter

It is very suitable for screening feed ingredients and final production inspection of finished products. The inlet and outlet ports are designed in the same vertical direction, the discharge speed is fast, and the output is 2-5 times that of ordinary vibro sifter.

Mesh size(mesh):140


Filter Sieve

Filter Sieve

It is used for contaminants or insoluble solids in powders or liquids, generally single-layer. Compa red with ordinary vibro sifter, the screen frame is designed to be heightened to prevent liquid splashing during the screening process.

Mesh size(mesh):400


Working Principle of Vibro Sifter

Vibro sifter uses a vertical vibration motor as the excitation source, through the eccentric weights at the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor, the rotary motion is converted into horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion, and transmitted to the screen surface, and the material enters the equipment through the feeding port Inside, according to different screening requirements, the materials pass through 1-5 layers of sieves with different meshes. During this process, the bouncing balls under the sieves of each layer continuously hit the sieves, so that the materials can be smoothly Screening, and effectively prevent the material from clogging the sieve hole, the material close to the screen aperture is sieved through the screen, which is under the screen, and the material larger than the screen aperture is discharged from the discharge port of this layer, which is the under screen, complete the purpose of screening or filtering.


Widely used

Thanks to the simple adjustment of the counterweights on the motor shaft and the three-dimensional vibrations they generate, our vibrating screens allow screening, sorting, dedusting and filtering of a very wide range of products.

Fine sieving

The sieving is as fine as 500 mesh (28 microns), and the filtration is as fine as 5 microns, which can realize high-efficiency screening and filtration. By installing a frequency converter, the vibration speed can also be changed.

High throughput

All incoming materials are automatically discharged, and there is no material stored in the machine. The sieve surface and sieve surface have a larger processing capacity than other types of sieve surface machines, and the processing capacity can reach 100-3300kg per hour.

Mesh anti-clog

Three-dimensional vibration function, designed with automatic cleaning and anti-clogging device (optional bouncing ball, roller brush, ultrasonic cleaning device), minimizing the chance of clogging the screen.

Single or multi-layer sorting

1-5 layers of screens can be installed optionally, and 2-6 products of different specifications can be sorted or filtered at the same time.

Screen replacement is easy

A variety of screen structures can be used according to different needs, and the time for replacing a screen is shortened to 3-5 minutes.

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Technical Parameters of Vibro Sifter

Model Diameter
Feeding Size
Layers Power
DH-400 400 <10 <1500 1-5 0.18 100
DH-600 600 0.25 200
DH-800 800 0.55 500
DH-1000 1000 0.75 800
DH-1200 1200 1.1 1200
DH-1500 1500 1.5 1800
DH-1800 1800 2.2 2000

For example:

Model Description

DH-1000-3S: 3-layer vibro sifter with a grid diameter of φ1000mm, and the part in contact with the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

DH-1000-3P: 3-layer vibro sifter with a grid diameter of φ1000mm, and the part in contact with the material is made of Q235A carbon steel.

In addition: The base of the standard model (also called bottom bucket or base) is made of Q235A carbon steel, and the bottom bucket of SUS304 stainless steel can be customized.


Special Design Features Photo
Edged type The specially designed flanged type increases the feeding amount, prevents the material from splashing, and is easy to observe the mesh. Edged type
Gate type There is a gate-type design for the treatment of special materials to extend the screening time of difficult-to-screen materials and increase the processing capacity. Gate type
Anticorrosive The part in contact with the material is made of polypropylene (PP plastic), which is a screening solution for corrosive materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. Anticorrosive
Explosion-proof The whole machine has better sealing performance and adopts BZDL explosion-proof vertical vibration motor to meet the higher requirements of special industries. Explosion-proof
Silo type No manual feeding is required, and the flow of materials can be controlled Silo type

Structure of the Vibro Sifter

Vibro sifter is composed of dust cover, screen frame, screen, net frame, net cleaning device, motor (vibration source), shock absorption spring, base and other parts.

structure of vibro sifter

Dust cover: It is composed of a feed inlet and an oblique cone, and its lower end is connected with the screen frame to prevent the dust in the workshop from falling into the material when the vibro sifter is working. The commonly used materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, and plastic. Etc. 3 kinds of materials.

Screen frame: It is composed of steel plate coiled and welded, and its upper and lower ends have a bearing ring, and a flange ring is arranged inside the lower part to fix the structure of the screen components.

Vibration motor: vertical vibration motor, divided into four specifications of 2, 4, 6, 8, and level, the vibration times are 2870, 1460, 980, 740RPM respectively, and can be designed as explosion-proof type (flammable and explosive occasions)

Screen: Models are φ600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, etc. The materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, and plastic.

Mesh cleaning device: clean the blocked materials in the screen mesh holes to increase output. It is made of silica gel and rubber. Ultrasonic cleaning device (635mesh) can also be selected.

Damping spring: There are 12-20 vibration isolation springs along the vibration transmission body. The base is made of steel coil welding. There is an inspection door and an electrical switch seat on the base wall. The upper part of the base wall is welded with a ring flange, and this flange is connected with the vibration transmission body by a vibration isolation spring.

In order to make it more convenient for you, you can compare the following table to clear your machine configuration

General requirements Diameter(mm) 400/800/1000/1200/1500/2000
Number of Layers(L) 1-5(Suggest ≤ 3)
Main Material Stainless Steel(304/316L)•Carbon Steel(Q235)•PP
Screen Mesh Number 100-635
Transducer Installation Method Built-in / External
Sealing Strip Silica gel / Rubber
Special requirements Overall height of the fuselage Please communicate specifically
Feed inlet Angle / Size and so on
Outlet Angle / Size /Add valve
Observation port Silicone cover / Rubber cover / Glass cover
spring You can choose whether to add a silicone protective cover
Internal spray(mm) PTFE / ePTFE / WC / Al2O3
Equipment surface treatment Polishing / Sandblasting
Body metal material requirements For example: require no Cu and Zn (except electrical parts)
Vibration motor Ordinary motor / Explosion-proof motor
other Please click here to contact us

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Material mesh Capacity(kg/hr) Model
flour 24 1500 DH-1000-1S
medicine powder 80 550 DH-800-1S
salt 30/80 5000 DH-1500-1S
aluminum powder 80/120 350 DH-800-2S
soy sauce 100 6500 DH-1200-1S

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