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What is the use of sieving machine in pharmaceuticals?

Vibro Sifter plays an important role in pharmaceuticals. It is mainly used for coarse and fine screening, sieving separation and fractional separation of raw materials. The following are the specific uses of sieving machines in pharmaceuticals:

What is the use of sieving machine in pharmaceuticals?

1. Coarse and fine screening of raw materials: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, raw materials need to be coarsely and finely screened to remove impurities and purify raw materials.

2. Separation of impurities: The impurities mixed in the medicine will affect the quality of the preparation, and the sieving machine can separate the impurities in the raw materials.

3. Grading and separation: The sieving machine can divide the raw materials into different grades to facilitate the processing of different processes.

4. Filtration: The sieving machine can filter the raw materials, remove impurities and unnecessary substances, and improve the purity and quality of raw materials.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Sieving Machine

In the pharmaceutical process, it is necessary to sieve the crushed raw materials. After the drug is crushed, most of the particles are not uniform, and most of the particles need to be sieved by equipment. After the raw material is crushed, its particle size is not uniform, and it needs to be sieved before mixing. In the pharmaceutical production process, the tool used for sieving is a standard vibrating sieve. The special vibrating sieving machine for the pharmaceutical industry plays a role in sieving the qualified material in the sieving of the pharmaceutical powder. It is a relatively special industry for pharmaceutical production. All the vibrating sieving machines for the pharmaceutical powder also have relevant regulations in the Pharmacopoeia.

Therefore, stainless steel screen machines can be used, such as stainless steel rotary vibrating screens, linear screens, linear vibrating screens, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to sieve medicines, including raw materials, particles in the production process, and filtration and sieving of finished products. First of all, in terms of raw material selection, the machinery used by most manufacturers is not fine enough to screen the raw materials, so that the production process contains a lot of impurities, or cannot select good raw materials, and the purity of pharmaceutical raw materials is not very good. To grasp, it is necessary to use a rotary vibrating sieve for rough selection.

Pharmaceutical Powders Sieving Machine

In short, the screening machine can improve the efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical manufacturing, reduce impurities and waste, and is an indispensable and important equipment in the pharmaceutical process. Our manufacturer produces various types of pharmaceutical sieving machines at favorable prices. If you want to know more about sieving machines, please contact me directly online. Your consultation is welcome!

Materials Proportion Mesh Processing Method Capacity
(kg/hr IT/hr)
Pharmaceutical powder 0.8 80 Dry 550㎏ DH-800-1S
Pill 0.7 20/60 Dry 800㎏ DH-800-2S
Chinese herbal extract 1 20 Wet 2000IT DH-800-1S
Pesticide   80/150 Dry 1400㎏ DH-1000-1S


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