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Sieving Machine

Safe screening for foreign matter elimination, separation of different particle sizes in the same product, solid-liquid separation

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Wet or dry sieving Up to 5 levels of gradation 500 fine mesh sieving

Diameter: 400mm(15"), 600mm(24"), 800mm(31"), 1000mm(39"), 1200mm(47"), 1500mm(59"), 1800mm(70"), 2000mm(78")

Mesh size: 2-500 mesh (or 0.028mm)

Processing capacity: 100-5000kg/h

Layer(s): 1-5 Layers

Power: 0.25KW-2.2KW

Power supply: 3-phase lndustrial electricity

Material: SS304 stainless steel/Q235 carbon steel

Application: food and beverage, medicine, powder coating, metal powder, chemical industry, agriculture, plastics and other industries.

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What is meant by sieving machine?

Sieving machines provide a cost-effective solution for almost any separation requirement, including sizing, peeling, grading or product recovery, accurately removing oversized contaminants and agglomerates, or separating the mass components of solids based on particle size Separated from solid and fractionated materials.

ieving machine meaning

To best fit your production line and ensure we can handle any throughput you need, Dahan sieving machines are available in 8 sizes: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm. It allows a throughput of 100 to 5,000 kg/h, depending on the product, mesh size and the feed flow of the machine.

Function of Sieving Machine

1. Screening impurities

Used to remove broken or undersized products such as lumps and other contaminants for final quality checks.

2. Particle size classification

It is to accurately separate particles of different sizes from the product, so that the final material is classified into different sizes. This is usually achieved by passing the product through a grid of up to 5 different aperture sizes.

3. Solid-liquid separation

It can quickly remove insoluble solid substances in various slurries, and can quickly discharge slag. Most are single-layered, but multiple layers can also be used.

4. Batch filtering

Improve product quality and safety by breaking down lumps and filtering out oversized particles, contaminants and debris, ideal for smaller processes, batch production or short production runs.

5. Dehydration

For materials with high mud content and high water content, vibrating screen equipment can be used to achieve desliming and dehydration treatment of materials, which can reach 16-18 tons in 1 hour, but this treatment can only be achieved by special vibrating screen equipment.

purpose of sieving machine

What are the types of sieving machine?

Contact us for more information on our grading sieving machines range and how we can help you with your unique requirements.

  • Vibro Sifter

    Vibro Sifter

    Excessive pollutants can be removed accurately, and the separation of 5 different sizes of materials can be achieved in one operation, and the insolubles in various slurries can be quickly removed. This type of screening machine is used to ensure higher quality of the final product.

  • Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

    Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

    Ultrasonic frequencies are used to vibrate the screen so that the mesh does not clog and the powder is easier to screen. The system increases screening capacity by a factor of 10, increasing productivity while allowing separation accuracy down to 20m (#635 mesh).

  • Tumbler Screen

    Tumbler Screen

    Imitating the principle of manual screening, combining screening (circular motion) with hand screen (parabolic motion), it can be suitable for dry and wet materials, the screening accuracy is 90-95%, and the output is 5-10 times that of vibrating screen. There is no high-speed vibration and will not destroy the shape of the material.

Benefits of Sieving Machine

Wide screening range

Any particle, powder, slurry (mucus) can be screened. The sieving can be as fine as 500 mesh (0.028mm), and the filter can be as small as 5 microns.

Precise sieving

Fully enclosed structure, powder does not fly, liquid does not leak, mesh is not blocked, automatic discharge, there is no storage in the machine, and the grid structure has no dead ends.

Multi-layer screening

It can be used in single and multiple layers at the same time, up to 5 layers, and can carry out 2-6 levels of sorting or filtering at the same time.

Simple screen replacement

The composite screen design has longer screen life and higher efficiency. Two people can change the screen within 3 to 5 minutes, which saves 30 to 60 minutes compared to other types of screens.

Increase flexibility

The compact system is easy to move and can be used in multiple locations on the production line.

Low noise level

Internally sealed with air tightness up to 50 mPa and noise level reduced to 69 dBA.

Product Videos

Technical Parameters of Sieving Machine

Product display

Model Diameter
Feeding Size
Layers Power
DH-400 400 <10 <1500 1-5 0.18 100
DH-600 600 0.25 200
DH-800 800 0.55 500
DH-1000 1000 0.75 800
DH-1200 1200 1.1 1200
DH-1500 1500 1.5 1800
DH-1800 1800 2.2 2000

Customized Models

Various powder industries, any particles, powders, and mucus can be screened and filtered within a certain range.

Special design Photo Features
Standard Standard picture The solid and liquid can be filtered or the dry material can be sized and removed.
Ultrasonic type Ultrasonic type picture Adding an ultrasonic screening system and a fine powder screening tool to solve the problem of blocking the mesh.
In-line type In-line type picture Special design, huge processing capacity, easy to combine with production line, good at sieving flour, starch, washing powder, additives, etc.
Anticorrosive Anticorrosive picture The part in contact with the material is made of polypropylene (PP plastic), which is a screening solution for corrosive materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel.
Edged type Edged type picture The specially designed flanged type is a type that has a large feeding volume, prevents material splashing, and is easy to observe the screen.
Gate type Gate type picture There is a gate-type design for the treatment of special materials to ensure the processing accuracy of difficult-to-screen materials and increase the processing capacity.

Customer Solutions for Sieving Machine

Customer Site

Material Mesh Capacity Model
Flour 24 1500kg/h DH-1000-1S
Chinese medicine powder 80 550kg/h DH-800-1S
Salt 30,80 5000kg/h DH-1500-2S
Pollen 12 100kg/h DH-400-1S
Soy sauce 100 6500kg/h DH-1200-2S
Iron powder 400 203kg/h DH-800-3S
Graphite 16,40,80 1400kg/h DH-1000-3S
Mud 250 3200kg/h DH-1000-1S
Refractory 2.2mm 10000kg/h DH-1500-2S
Quicklime 100 480kg/h DH-1000-3S

Sieving machine test site

Test machine site

Sieving Machine Manufacturer

Production Process

Dahan Machinery sieving machine is mainly used for impurity removal and classification of various powders, and is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, abrasives, coal and other industries. The manufacturer has won ISO quality system certification and EU CE certification. The product models are complete and can be designed according to the special requirements of individual users. The products are shipped directly by the manufacturer, reducing the profit extraction of middlemen and reducing the purchase cost of users.

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