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What is the use of flour sieving machine?

Flour sieving machine is an industrial mechanical equipment used to sieve flour. During the scraping and peeling process, a small amount of wheat husks are also broken into fine powder, which needs to be sifted into flour to improve the uniformity of flour particles. In this production process, it is necessary to use a flour sieving machine to screen it to improve the fineness of the flour. In addition, the cleaning of wheat is the basic work of milling. Only when the pure wheat is sent to the milling workshop for processing can high-precision flour be produced. It is necessary to use a sieving machine to clean up all kinds of impurities contained in wheat to reduce the impact of impurities on the fineness of flour. Only by improving the heterochromatic impurities can the black spots in the flour be reduced and the precision of the flour can be improved. Its main purpose is to divide flour into multiple particle size levels to meet different production needs.

What is the use of flour sieving machine?

1. Removal of impurities: Through sieving, the impurities in the flour can be effectively removed to ensure the purity and hygiene of the flour.

2. Classification: According to different particle size grades, flour can be divided into different grades to meet the application requirements of flour in different fields, such as bread, pastry, instant noodles, etc.

3. Precise control: The flour sieving machine can precisely control the sieving process according to the production needs, so as to ensure that the flour of different granularity levels meets the specified standards and requirements.

In short, the flour sieving machine can improve the quality and production efficiency of flour, making the food produced more in line with standards and market demand.

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