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  • Potato Flour Sieving Machine

Potato Flour Sieving Machine

Easily removes debris, lumps or fibers from Potato Flour, which can be used to process large quantities of any type of flour.

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Resistant to high temperature of 525℃

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food safety standards 5-10 times production increase Automatic discharge

Model: DH-400/600/800/1000/1200/1500/1800

Number of layers: 1-5 layers

Mesh: 2 mesh - 500 mesh (0.028mm)

Output: 100kg/h-3300kg/h

Material: 304/316 stainless steel

Uses: It is suitable for handling dry and wet materials that require absolute cleanliness or are corrosive, such as potato flour, flour, medicinal powder, etc.

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Basic situation of Potato Flour Sieving Machine

Potato Flour Sieving Machine adopts all stainless steel design, mainly used for sieving processing of potato flour before packaging, can inspect the crushed potato flour, sieve out the agglomerated potato flour that has not been completely broken, and then crush it, also Potato flour can be graded and screened according to specifications.

In terms of particle size, granular potato flour will pass through a 40 mesh or 420 micron sieve, while fine potato flour needs to pass through an 80 mesh or 177 micron sieve, and the Potato Flour Sieving Machine's sieve can be as fine as 2 mesh to 500 Mesh (28 microns), with an hourly output of 100-3300 kg, while perfectly matching the processing needs of potato flour, it can be connected to potato flour feeding stations and packaging machines for use.

What is the function of Potato Flour Sieving Machine?

Potato Flour Sieving Machine is a Potato Flour agglomerate or impurity separation and sieving machine, which is used to remove unqualified parts in Potato Flour, and plays a role in quality inspection before packaging or processing.

It can also be used to classify granular materials in the food industry according to size or to achieve solid-liquid separation of slurries.

Application of Potato Flour Sieving Machine in Potato Production Process

In order to obtain high-quality potato flour, it is not only necessary to strictly select the potato raw materials, but also to inspect the crushed potato flour before packaging to ensure the uniformity of the potato flour fineness.

The basic production process of potato flour is: Potato acquisition—cleaning—peeling—slicing—color protection—cooking—drying—crushing—screening—finished product

Potato Flour Sieving Machine is used before potato flour packaging, the purpose is to intercept potato fragments that are not completely crushed or potato flour agglomerates, as well as possible impurities, to ensure the cleanliness and consistency of potato flour.

Potato Flour Sieving Machine Application Showcase

Potato Flour Sieving Machine Application Video Demonstration

Application advantages of Potato Flour Sieving Machine

1. Potato Flour Sieving Machine usually uses a single-layer sieve, and the potato flour passes through the sieve quickly, and there is almost no sieve blocking phenomenon.

2. The output of sieving potato flour per hour is large, and the maximum sieving capacity is 3300kg/h.

3. The 304 food is made of stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic and rust-free. After internal and external polishing, the potato flour will not adhere to the sieve box wall, which meets the screening requirements of food potato flour.

4. The circular design ensures that there is no dead angle inside the machine, which will not cause the potato powder to be unable to be removed and the residual deterioration will not occur.

5. Closed sieve box to avoid external pollution or potato flour scattering during the sieving process.

6. The material outlet is automatically discharged, and the material inlet and outlet can be connected to other production equipment for automatic and continuous potato flour production and processing.

Potato Flour Sieving Machine Model Parameters

Model Diameter
Feeding Size
Layers Power
DH-400 400 <10 <1500 1-5 0.18 100
DH-600 600 0.25 200
DH-800 800 0.55 500
DH-1000 1000 0.75 800
DH-1200 1200 1.1 1200
DH-1500 1500 1.5 1800
DH-1800 1800 2.2 2000

Details of Potato Flour Sieving Machine

It is used in the potato flour production line to screen the crushed potato flour with accurate particle size.

Particle feed size: 1 micron to 20 mm

Mesh openings: 20 microns to 20 mm

Capacity: 3-30 tons/hour

Power: 2×(0.18-0.75)kW

No. of screen decks: 1 – 2 per machine

Materials: Stainless steel

Surfaces: Electro-polished up to KTS-V 800, otherwise glazed inside and out with a high-grade surface finish.

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