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Sand suction machine - hose spiral sand suction artifact

The sand suction machine is a kind of small hose screw conveyor, which can be used for sand, grain and other small granular materials to go upstairs, warehousing, loading, bagging or unloading operations.

The sand suction machine adopts thickened Oxford tube, which is wear-resistant and durable and not afraid of weathering;

Sand suction machine - hose spiral sand suction artifact

The copper wire motor has high power and strong suction;

The South African thick screw is not afraid of wear and tear and is not easy to break.


The sand suction machine has a wide range of application scenarios. It can continuously and evenly transport loose materials horizontally or obliquely. It can be operated by one person. It can be used to transport sand, grain, plastic particles, etc. The feeding port can be inserted into the sand pile or grain pile. Loading, bagging, going upstairs, etc.

It can be applied in scenarios such as sand pumping, lime pumping, stacking, unwinding, warehouse entry, drying yard, truck loading, and bagging.

Product display:

Different models of sand suction machines have different conveying capacities. The conveying distance can range from 3-12 meters, the vertical lifting height is about 3.5 meters, and the sand suction can be 4-7 tons per hour.

Product model:

Diameter Length Voltage Power Capacity Weight
100mm 3m 220V 3KW 5-6T 43kg
100mm 4m 220V 3KW 5-6T 47kg
100mm 5m 220V 3KW 5-6T 51kg
100mm 6m 220V 3KW 5-6T 55kg
100mm 7m 220V 3KW 5-6T 62kg
100mm 8m 220V 3KW 5-6T 66kg
100mm 9m 220V 3KW 5-6T 70kg
100mm 10m 220V 4KW 5-6T 74kg
100mm 11m 380V 4KW 5-6T 82kg
100mm 12m 380V 4KW 5-6T 86kg
120mm 3m 220V 3KW 7-8T 48kg
120mm 4m 220V 3KW 7-8T 52kg
120mm 5m 220V 3KW 7-8T 56kg
120mm 6m 220V 3KW 7-8T 60kg
120mm 7m 220V 4KW 7-8T 60kg
120mm 8m 220V 4KW 7-8T 71kg
120mm 9m 220V 4KW 7-8T 75kg
120mm 10m 220V 4KW 7-8T 79kg
120mm 11m 380V 4KW 7-8T 89kg
120mm 12m 220V 4KW 7-8T 93kg
100mm 20m 380V 7.5KW 5-6T 150kg
100mm 25m 380V 7.5KW 5-6T 170kg
120mm 20m 380V 7.5KW 6-7T 180kg
120mm 22m 380V 7.5KW 6-7T 200kg


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