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Screw Conveyor With Vibro Sifter

Vibro sifer is a common screening equipment, which can be seen in many industries. However, due to the relatively large workload, it cannot always use manpower. When feeding materials on the top, a small conveying equipment is required, vibro Can sifer be used with spirals? Dahan technicians will analyze it for you in detail later.

Vibro sifer can be used with Screw conveyor, and its working principle is as follows:

When using the screw to match the vibro sifer, the material can be poured into the screw first, and then slowly lifted by the screw. After the lift is transported to the vibro sifer, the material can directly fall into the vibro sifer, and then the vibro sifer starts to operate. After the vibro sifer starts, The power device is the eccentric blocks with different phases at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor. Due to the high-speed placement, a composite inertial force is generated. The inertial force forces the vibrating body of the screen machine to make a reciprocating motion, and the screen frame continuously reciprocates under the action of the vibration force. Movement, enter the ground and drive the screen surface to vibrate periodically, so that the materials on the screen surface will move directional and enthusiastically along with the screen box. During this time, the materials smaller than the screen surface aperture fall to the lower layer through the screen holes and become under-screen. The materials larger than the aperture of the screen surface are discharged from the discharge port after continuous jumping motion, and the screening work is finally completed.

Specification of screw conveyor with vibro sifter

Material:Stainless Steel

Capacity:100kg to 5000kg/hr


Width:100-400 mm

Length:As per customer requirement

Automation Grade:Automatic

Length:As per customer requirement

Power Source:3 Phase

The screw conveyor equipped with vibro sifer can not only save a lot of manpower and material resources, but also improve the screening efficiency. It can do two things with one stone. Vibro sifer can not only match the screw but also other equipment. If you are interested, please consult online customer service. 

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