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The Basic Principles of Rotap Sieve Shaker

Rotap sieve shaker can sieve products with various characteristics, suitable for general abrasive particle size composition inspection and superhard material production grading and particle size composition inspection. It is also widely used in geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, powder, medicine, construction cement, national defense And other departments of scientific research and production laboratories, screening and testing of materials and other functions. Regarding the working principle of the Rotap sieve shaker function, I took this opportunity to share with you!

The Basic Principles of Rotap Sieve Shaker

How the Rotap sieve shaker works

Rotap sieve shaker uses the vibration motor to drive the gear, the gear rotates and transmits the force to the main shaft by the synchronous belt. After the gear is adjusted, the main shaft starts to rotate according to the prescribed rotation speed, and the bearing of the main shaft drives the eccentric wheel to make the skateboard reciprocate. At this time, the shaking of the tray will drive the screen frame. At the same time, the small hammer iron on the upper part of the screen frame will be beaten regularly, so that the materials in the screen frame will be screened layer by layer, so theoretically, the screen is beaten. During operation, it does two kinds of movements: slap/vibration.

How to use Rotap sieve shaker

Before the Rotap sieve shaker work, the prepared sieve frame should be arranged from large to small and from top to bottom according to the mesh size. After raising the tray to a suitable position, tighten the fastening screws to ensure that it will not be loose. , then cover the flip cover, put down the hammer iron, then you can turn on the power and adjust the sieving time, and the Rotap sieve shaker can work.

I hope the above brief description of the working principle of the Rotap sieve shaker is helpful to you. For more detailed information, you can contact Dahan Machinery.

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