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Ultrasonic Sieving Machine Price

Under normal circumstances, the price of ultrasonic sieving machine starts from 600 US dollars per unit. The following is the market price list of Ultrasonic sieving machine listed by Xiaobian for your reference:

Ultrasonic Sieving Machine Price

Model Ultrasonic Sieving Machine Price (USD) Capacity
1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer
DHC400 600 700 800 ≤3
DHC600 645 708 818 ≤5
DHC800 1127 1337 1463 ≤8
DHC1000 1494 1690 1809 ≤12
DHC1200 1809 1900 2124 ≤16
DHC1500 1762 1888 2014 ≤20

Ultrasonic sieving machine price

Choose Ultrasonic sieving machines of different models (400mm-2000mm), materials (carbon steel/stainless steel), and layers (1-5 layers), and the prices are different. The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Material

Model Price How to choose two materials?
Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
DHC400 471-1020 628-1099

Depends on the specific requirements of your application. Consider factors such as corrosion resistance, strength and durability, hygiene requirements, cost and appearance to make an informed decision.

1. Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for applications that are frequently exposed to moisture or chemicals.

2. Hygienic requirements: Stainless steel is usually the first choice for hygienic applications, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless steel is easier to clean and does not harbor bacteria, so it is more hygienic than carbon steel.

3. Cost: Carbon steel is generally less expensive than stainless steel, making it a more cost-effective choice in some applications. However, for some applications, the cost difference between the two materials is negligible.

DHC600 863-1256 1077-1884
DHC800 1041-2097 1884-2540
DHC1000 1334-2512 2699-4239
DHC1200 2198-2980 3611-4563
DHC1500 3900 4500

Ultrasonic sieving machine is made of carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel is not easy to rust and has strong corrosion resistance, so the Ultrasonic sieving machine made of carbon steel is more expensive than the Ultrasonic sieving machine made of stainless steel. According to the market pricing standard, the price difference between these two materials is about 100~500 US dollars.

2. Model

Model Effective screening diameter Screen mesh size range Price
DHC-400 340 80-600MESH 480-1300 ≤3
DHC-600 540 80-600MESH 1400-2500 ≤5
DHC-800 730 80-600MESH 1800-3000 ≤8
DHC-1000 900 80-600MESH 3500-4000 ≤12
DHC-1200 1100 80-600MESH 4200-4800 ≤16
DHC-1500 1400 80-600MESH 5000-6500 ≤20

As mentioned in the table above, the Ultrasonic sieving machine models are DHC400mm, DHC600mm, DHC800mm, DHC1000mm, DHC1200mm, DHC1500mm, DHC1800mm. The larger the model, the larger the processing capacity per unit time, and the more expensive the price will be.

3. Manufacturer

Different manufacturers have different production methods, management modes, sales methods, etc., and the equipment quotations given will naturally be different.

In addition, Ultrasonic sieving machine can choose 1-5 layers, different design types, such as gate type, silo type, mobile type, etc., which will affect the price of Ultrasonic sieving machine.

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