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What Is A Rotary Sifter?

Rotary sifter screens, debarks, deagglomerates virtually any bulk solids or slurry and is available in a variety of configurations, designed to solve specialized problems and deliver high performance consistently.

What Is A Rotary Sifter?

Functions of Rotary Sifter

1.Remove impurities

A layer of sieve is placed, and the wind force generated by the wind wheel blades in the sieve box blows away the powder material entering it, causing it to hit the sieve and be sieved. Because only one layer of screen can be installed, only simple screening or impurity removal can be performed. However, any screen mesh within the mesh size can be replaced as required.

2. Crushing function

Therotary sifter has a simple screw conveying system structure, and the strong wind in the screen box and the blades of the wind wheel rotate continuously, which has a crushing effect on the pseudo-agglomerated materials.

Applications of Rotary Sifter

With optional hygienic finishes, it is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and dairy applications, as well as industrial applications involving frequent screen changes, inspection or running multiple materials without cross-contamination. Rotary sifters provide the ideal sieving and sieving solution for dry powders and other bulk solids. The special "cantilever" design provides the user with an unprecedented high hygiene standard. This is made possible by the machine's easy access and quick screen change function, which takes an average of just 30 seconds.

How does a rotary sifter work?

Rotary sifter drives the screen frame to rotate through a motor. The solid particles move outward under the action of centrifugal force, and the liquid is filtered out through the screen to achieve solid-liquid separation. The liquid enters the lower liquid collecting tank through the screen, and the solid particles roll down to the lower part along the screen to complete the separation process.

The above is a brief introduction to the rotary sifter. If you want to know more, you can click on our product page to view it or directly click on the online chat on the page. Your inquiries are always welcome

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