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What are the standards of sieves in pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical screen is an important tool for fine screening in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and its quality has a very important impact on the quality and effect of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical screens in drug production, some strict standards need to be established for evaluation.

What are the standards of sieves in pharmacy?

First of all, the material of the pharmaceutical screen should have good chemical and physical properties to ensure that it will not have any negative effects on the drug. Common pharmaceutical screen materials include stainless steel, titanium alloy, red copper, tin bronze, tin bronze embedded copper, acid-resistant ceramics, polytetrafluoroethylene, and polyamide.

Secondly, the specifications and manufacturing process of pharmaceutical screens are also very important factors. In the production of pharmaceutical screens, it is necessary to finely control the mesh size, casting process, size and drying, hardening, etc., to ensure that each pharmaceutical screen has a high standardized quality to prevent any impurities in the drug , Foreign matter and other issues.

In addition, the cleaning and disinfection of pharmaceutical screens is also very important. Before the pharmaceutical screen is used, strict cleaning and disinfection are required to ensure that its surface is free of any pollutants and bacteria. Generally, various methods such as alkali washing, electrolysis, high temperature and high pressure can be used to clean and disinfect pharmaceutical screens.

In addition, pharmaceutical screens need to be checked regularly during use to ensure that their surfaces are free from any contaminants and damage, etc. The pharmaceutical screens with problems need to be replaced or repaired in time to ensure the normal use and safety of the pharmaceutical screens.

To sum up, the standards for pharmaceutical screens should include factors such as material quality, size, manufacturing process, cleaning and disinfection, and maintenance. Pharmaceutical companies should follow these standards when using pharmaceutical screens, and take corresponding measures to ensure that they can produce high-quality and efficient pharmaceutical products.

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