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What is an angled screw conveyor?

An angled screw conveyor, also known as an inclined screw conveyor, is a type of screw conveyor designed to move materials at an incline or vertically between different levels within a production or processing facility. Unlike horizontal screw conveyors that transport materials on a flat surface, angled screw conveyors are specifically configured to handle materials at an angle.

The working principle of angled screw conveyor is as follows:

The angled screw conveyor consists of a rotating screw enclosed within a trough or tube. The screw, often referred to as the auger, is typically made of a helical flight that wraps around a central shaft. As the screw rotates, it creates a continuous spiral motion that propels the materials along the length of the conveyor.

Here are some key features and characteristics of an angled screw conveyor:

Incline Design: The design of an angled screw conveyor includes a helical screw blade enclosed in a tube or trough. The screw rotates to move materials along the length of the conveyor, either upward or downward depending on the angle of incline.

Space-saving: Angled screw conveyors can efficiently transport materials between different levels without the need for additional conveying equipment.

Efficient material handling: They are designed to move materials smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of material spillage or blockages.

Customizable: Angled screw conveyors can be designed to meet specific material handling needs, including varying incline angles and capacities.

Angled screw conveyor is widely used in many different industrial fields. The following are some common application areas:

Angled screw conveyors are utilized in various industries and applications. In the agriculture sector, they are commonly used to transport grains, seeds, or feed from ground level to storage bins or processing equipment. In mining operations, angled screw conveyors are employed to move ores, minerals, or excavated materials from one level to another within a processing plant. They are also extensively used in the food processing industry for handling ingredients or finished products on inclined production lines.


Overall, angled screw conveyors provide a reliable and efficient solution for transporting materials at an incline or vertically within a production facility, contributing to smooth material handling processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

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