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Direct Discharge Sifter

Mainly used for powder removal and loosening

CE ISO Registered trademark


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Dual motors Fast discharge No dust pollution

Screening accuracy: 140 mesh

Capacity: 3-30 tons/hour


Motor speed:1460r/min

Customizable: Single motor/Double motor/Explosion-proof type/Ultrasonic type (As you need)

Commitment:Free Shipping/5 Days Delivery/30-Day Returns/Support Customization

Product Description

Direct discharge sifter is a circular vibrating sieve used for sieving powder. It is also called flour sieve. The discharge port of the direct discharge vibrating sieve is designed at the bottom of the sieve, which is beneficial to increase the discharge particle size and discharge volume, and has a large capacity. , It is 2-5 times of ordinary circular vibrating screen. It is suitable for the process of rough screening of materials in addition to impurities.

Direct discharge sifter

Direct discharge sifter can choose to use dual vibrating motors or single vibrating motors according to the amount of processing. Small screens generally use a single vibrating motor, and screens with larger processing capacity use dual vibrating motors.

Different Types of Direct Discharge Sifter

Double-motor direct discharge sifter: Double-motor, the material produces vortex motion on the surface of the screen, with automatic discharge function;

Single-motor direct discharge sifter: Single-motor, the material mainly vibrates up and down on the surface of the screen, without automatic discharge function.

types of direct discharge sifter

Benefits of Direct Discharge Sifter

Large capacity

The feeding port and the discharging port are on the same center line to help reduce the screening time, the material stays in the screen machine for a short time, and the material is discharged quickly.

Used in series in the system

It can be used directly in the pipeline in series to remove foreign matter and impurities in the pipeline without manual operation and avoid secondary pollution of materials.

Clean operation

The airtightness is good, the powder does not fly, and it can be directly used in conjunction with the vacuum feeder to achieve negative pressure and dust-free operation.

Occupies little space

The motor is designed on the outside of the equipment to reduce the height of the equipment and make the space effective; the equipment is easy to operate, and the large obtuse angle is easy to clean.

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direct discharge sifter for flour

direct discharge sifter for feed pellets

Direct Discharge Sifter Specifications

Parameter size

Model Power(kw) RMP(r/min) Sieve diameter(mm) A B C
ZPS-600 0.18 1460(960) 520 1070 600 502
ZPS-800 0.25 720 1390 800 525
ZPS-1000 0.37 890 1566 970 543
ZPS-1200 0.55 1090 1875 1170 814
ZPS-1500 0.75 1390 2226 1470 875

Product Configuration

structure of direct discharge sifter

Vibration motor: Dual-motor power generates higher vibrations to achieve high performance.

Inlet and outlet: The inlet and outlet are on the same centerline to help reduce the screening time.

The intermediate sieve body is equipped with the impurities that are screened out, and the mesh size of the sieve is prepared to be equipped with a sieve.

Working Principle of Direct Discharge Sifter

priciple of direct discharge sifter

The inline vibro sifter with dual motor is structured with two vertically mounted motors on each side, it helps in increasing vibration & throughput capacity. Due to vibration from both the ends vertical, horizontal & the circular motion is also generated that helps to reduce the sieving process time.

Application of of Direct Discharge Sifter

It can screen and filter any powder, granule, liquid; it is widely used in fertilizer, medicine powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, strong powder, etc.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Date Product Customer
2020/12/21 1 Set ZPS1200-1S Direct Discharge Sifter Henan*** Paint Co., Ltd.
2020/10/10 1 Set of ZPS600 Direct Discharge Sifter Heilongjiang*** Nutritional Food Co., Ltd.
2020/8/19 1 Set ZPS-600 Direct Discharge Sifter Ningxia ** Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/8/6 1 Set ZPS-600, ZPS-1000 Direct Discharge Sifter **Industrial Control (Guangdong) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/6/17 1 Set 1200-1S Direct Discharge Sifter Anyang ** Leasing Co., Ltd.
2020/1/9 1 Set ZPS-1000-1S Direct Discharge Sifter Dezhou ** Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Finished Product Display

The direct discharge sifter has complete models and sufficient stock, which can be customized according to your requirements.

Finished Product Display


Packaging and transportation of direct discharge sifter

We usually pack them in export cases, and the machines are fixed on the bottom support


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