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Linear Vibration Machine

Impurity removal, filtration, material classification, solid-liquid separation, screening

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96% screening efficiency Single/multilayer separation <75dB


Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316

Particle Size:0.074-10mm

Mesh Size:2-400 mesh Capacity:0.12-20t/h

Layers: 1-6 layers

Application: screening of coarse, medium and fine materials, which can be classified and impurity removal

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Introduction of Linear Vibration Machine

Linear Vibration Machine

Linear vibration machine was invented to handle high feed flow, also called linear vibration sieve machine, it can be used for screening, grading, deblocking, dewatering any bulk solids or slurries, the sieving accuracy reaches 200 mesh (0.074mm), 6 Layer design, can screen 2-7 different particle size materials at the same time.

types of linear vibration machine

Working Principle of Linear Vibration Machine

Linear vibration machine is driven by dual vibration motors. When the two vibrating motors rotate synchronously and in opposite directions, the exciting force generated by the eccentric blocks cancels each other out in the direction parallel to the motor axis, and stacks into a resultant force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis, so the trajectory of the screen machine It is a straight line, and the two motor shafts have an inclination angle in the vertical direction relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the exciting force and the material's self-gravity, the material is thrown up and jumped or moved forward on the screen surface in a straight line, so as to achieve the screening of the material. And the purpose of grading.

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Benefits of Linear Vibration Machine

multi-layer control

The multi-layer screen produces several specifications of the above and below the sieve, which are discharged from their respective outlets, and a maximum of 7 different specifications can be obtained at one feeding.

large output

Due to its large screening area, the material stays on the screen for a long time, the screening efficiency is as high as 96%, and the processing capacity can reach 20 tons/hour.

continuous movement

Equipped with a 2.2kw vibration motor, it can work continuously for dozens of hours, and the impurities and coarse materials are automatically discharged and run continuously, which is more suitable for the installation and use of the assembly line.

No dust pollution

Fully enclosed structure, dust does not spill, the upper cover of the linear vibration machine equipment is designed with a dust removal device, which can be easily connected to the on-site dust removal equipment and improve the working environment.


Technical Parameters of Linear Vibration Machine

Model Layer Screening Area
Mesh Size
Particle Size
Vibration Direction Angle
Screen Inclination
Dual Amplitude
DZSF-520 1-6 layers 500*2000 2-400 0.074-10 ≤3 0.37×2 45-60 0-7 3-4.5
DZSF-525 500*2500 ≤5 0.37×2
DZSF-612 600*1200 ≤8 0.37×2
DZSF-1020 1000*2000 ≤12 0.75×2
DZSF-1025 1000*2500 ≤16 0.75×2
DZSF-1030 1000*3000 ≤20 1.1×2
DZSF-1224 1200*2400 ≤23 1.5×2
DZSF-1525 1500*2500 ≤28 1.5×2
DZSF-1530 1500*3000 ≤32 2.2×2

Structure & Details of Linear Vibration Machine

Structure of linear vibration machine

The structure of linear vibration machine includes: screen mesh, screen box, dust cover, feeding port, vibration motor and discharging port, etc.

Screen: It is mainly used for material screening. There are many kinds of apertures of the screen, which can be installed according to different needs.

Screen box: The screen box is mainly used to hold the materials that need to be screened. The materials in the screen box do parabolic motion on the screen under the action of the vibration motor to achieve the purpose of screening.

Dust cover: Many users screen some dry dust-containing materials. In order to ensure that the dust does not escape, the manufacturer has developed a dust cover.

Inlet/Outlet: This is mainly used for the material entering the screen box as the inlet, and the position where the material is screened and discharged is the outlet.

Vibration motor: The use of vibration motor is relatively extensive, and the main function of the vibration motor of linear vibration machine is to vibrate, to drive the movement of materials on the screen, so as to achieve the purpose of screening.

Capacity Enhancement

Linear vibration machine cleaning device (bouncing balls) are evenly distributed on the pallet, generally 5-8 within ten centimeters. The bouncing balls also jump and hit the screen while the screen machine is vibrating and sieving. The purpose of clearing the net.

Linear vibration machine cleaning device

Linear Vibration Machine Special Customization

types of linear vibration machine

Application of ILinear Vibration Machine


Materials Specific gravity Mesh Capacity
Name Image
Millet Millet 0.15 250 mesh 600 DZSF-515-2s
Quartz sand Quartz sand 1.6 70 mesh 30000 DZSF-1540-3s
Raisin Raisin 0.83 60 mesh 6000 DZSF-520-1s
Sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds 0.04 80 mesh 7100 DZSF-525-1s
Plastic particles Plastic particles 0.95 3 mm 500 DZSF-515-2s
Flour Raisin 0.6 24 mesh 1500 DZSF-515-3S
Iron ore powder Iron ore powder 2.3 150 mesh 10000 DZSF-1020-3s
Slag Slag 4 5 mm 10000 DZSF-1020-1s
Sawdust Sawdust 0.2 80 mesh 18000 DZSF-1030-3S
Emery Emery 4 60 mesh 300 DZSF-515-1Ss
Wood flour Wood flour 0.4 120 mesh 2000 DZSF-1036-4s
Activated carbon Activated carbon 0.8 36 mesh 500 DZSF-515-1s

Food industry: sesame, peanuts, soybeans, wheat bran, corn, spices, salt, starch, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine powder, pellets, pellets, etc.

Chemical industry: urea, fertilizer, coke, activated carbon, etc.

Metallurgical industry: refractory materials, kaolin, lime, alumina, quartz sand, lead powder, aluminum powder, etc.

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Linear Vibration Machine Manufacturer

Linear vibration machine manufacturer

The linear vibration machine produced by Dahan Machinery has complete technical parameters. It is mainly used for impurity removal and classification of dry powder and granular materials. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, plastics, abrasives and other industries. If you have special requirements (such as material, number of layers, installation size, etc.), our technical engineers will design according to your screening needs to ensure that they can meet your requirements. Online and offline purchases are adopted, there are no middlemen and redundant links, and the price is more transparent. In addition, we can also provide free trial machine, door-to-door delivery, delivery training, spare parts supply, and complete follow-up tracking. Service, arrive at the scene within 72 hours to solve user problems, and fully protect the rights and interests of users.

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