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Sieve Filter

Scoops sand from a lower location and deposits it at a higher location, allowing for efficient, continuous vertical transport.

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Automatic nesting Does not take up space Easy to clean

Function: Filter\screening\separation\sorting\sieving

Mesh size: 2-400 Mesh

Capacity: 400-1200KG/H

Layer(s): 1 Layer

Voltage: 220V/380V or as your request

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Application: Suitable for processing materials with low output or low impurities, such as coatings, inks, color pastes, paints, latex paints, aluminum powder slurries, starch, soy milk, juices, beverages, dairy products, condiments, mud, pulp, waste Liquid, Chinese and Western medicine liquid, etc.

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Introduction of Sieve Filter

Sieve filter is a common solid-liquid separation equipment, it usually consists of components such as screens, filter cartridges or filter plates. widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It uses a vibrating screen for screening operations to separate solid particles from liquids. The sieve filter has a diameter of 450mm and generally uses a single layer. It is mainly used to filter slurries and remove impurities from powders. It adopts large diameter discharging and fast discharging.

Sieve filter is suitable for filtering materials with low impurity content within 400 mesh. It has good fluidity and low output requirements. Materials, such as soy milk, paint, battery powder, washing powder, paint, plastic particles, metal powder, etc. According to different working conditions, the screen filter can choose different mesh sizes and materials to achieve precise solid-liquid separation. It can also be divided into various types, such as trolley type, normal type and heightened base type, etc., suitable for different process requirements and particle size ranges.

Function of Sieve Filter

1. Liquid-solid separation: Mainly used to separate solid particles from liquids. It can be used to treat suspensions, sewage, sludge, etc. to remove solid particles and improve the purity and quality of liquids.

2. Particle screening: This equipment can also be used for particle screening and classification. By adjusting the aperture size of the screen, coarse and fine screening of particles can be achieved to meet product classification with different particle size requirements.

3. Liquid recovery: It can be used to recover solid particles in liquid, reduce resource waste, and reduce environmental pollution.

4. Removal of impurities: In food, pharmaceutical and other industries, it is often used to remove impurities and foreign matter in raw materials to ensure product quality and safety.

Application of Sieve Filter

Sieve filter is widely used in food, water treatment, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental engineering and other industries.


The following are some detailed application scenarios:

Food processing industry: In food processing, sieve filter is used to screen flour, powdered sugar, starch and other raw materials to remove impurities.

Chemical industry: Sieve filter is commonly used in chemical production to filter chemical raw materials, such as granular solid particles or suspended liquids.

Water treatment field: Sieve filter is widely used in water treatment equipment to filter impurities and solid particles in water.

Oil and Gas Industry: In the oil and gas extraction process, sieve filter is used to filter bottom well water, solid particles and impurities.

Pharmaceutical industry: In pharmaceutical production, sieve filter is used to separate drug particles, solid particles and impurities.

Environmental engineering: In wastewater treatment and exhaust gas treatment systems, it is used to filter solid particles and pollutants in wastewater and exhaust gas.

The spray paint with a 325 mesh filter and a specific gravity of 1.1 can reach 1,200 liters per hour.

The 30-mesh sieved flour can process 700 kg per hour.

250 mesh filter interior wall paint can reach 1.5 cubic meters per hour.

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Benefits of Sieve Filter

Efficient screening

Sieve filter adopts the principle of vibration screening and has high screening efficiency. Through the action of vibration force, materials can be quickly separated into particles of different sizes to improve production efficiency.

Precise screening

Sieve filter's screen mesh can be selected in different specifications and materials according to needs to achieve precise screening and classification. According to the particle size requirements of the material, the appropriate mesh size can be selected to ensure that the materials in the required particle size range can pass through the screen.

Flexible application

It is suitable for screening and separating a variety of granular materials and can be used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Whether it is screening of granular materials, solid-liquid separation or liquid filtration, the screen mesh and vibration force can be adjusted to adapt to different application requirements.

Simple operation

Simple operation, easy to control and maintain. The equipment structure is relatively simple, and it is convenient to clean and replace the screen, which reduces the complexity of operation and maintenance.

Small footprint

The small structure has a smaller size and compact structure and is suitable for places with limited space. The layout and installation can be carried out according to the actual conditions of the factory or work site to improve space utilization efficiency.

Economical and energy-saving

The vibration motor has small power and relatively low energy consumption. During the screening process, the application of vibration force can reduce the residence time of materials on the screen, reduce energy consumption, and improve production efficiency.

Working Principle of Sieve Filter

The Sieve filter is vibrated by a heavy hammer driven by a motor, and the screen body produces horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional movement, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and rotates outward from the center to the discharge port for discharge. The material is on the surface of the screen. During the movement, fine particles or liquids pass through the screen, and the materials are screened, classified or filtered by selecting and installing the corresponding screen and the number of screen layers. The sorted materials are automatically discharged from their respective outlets.

Technical Parameters of Sieve Filter

Model Power
Whole machine size
Sieve body size(Diameter*Height)
DH-450 0.18 500*500*600 488*135 40 The seat material is Q235 high quality carbon steel, stainless steel can be selected according to needs
(With mobile trolley)
500*500*1000 48

Available options

In order to make it more convenient for you, you can compare the following table to clear your machine configuration

General requirements Model 450 / 450S
Number of Layers(L) 1-2
Main Material Stainless Steel(304/316L)
Screen Mesh Number 2-500
Sealing Strip Silica gel / Rubber
Special requirements Overall height of the fuselage Please communicate specifically
Inlet Angle / Size and so on
Outlet Angle / Size /Add valve
Observation port Silicone cover / Rubber cover / Glass cover
spring You can choose whether to add a silicone protective cover
Internal spray(mm) PTFE / ePTFE / WC / Al2O3
Equipment surface treatment Polishing / Sandblasting
Body metal material requirements For example: require no Cu and Zn (except electrical parts)
Vibration motor Ordinary motor / Explosion-proof motor
other Please click here to contact us

Proof of Solutions for Our Wide Range of Products

Materials Mesh size Capacity
Spray paint 325 mesh 1200 liters/hour
flour 30 mesh 700kg/hour
juice 40 mesh-80 mesh 6-10 cubic meters/hour
pigment 100-200 mesh 500kg/hour
battery powder 100 mesh, 120 mesh 600kg/hour
lotion 600 mesh 1 ton/hour
Pomegranate juice (seeds and juice separated) 100 mesh 5 tons/hour
paint paint 450 mesh 800kg/hour
oat 10 mesh 800kg/hour

Sieve Filter Manufacturer

Dahan Machinery is a sieve filter manufacturer specializing in the production of filtration and impurity removal equipment. It mainly sells: 450 sieve filter, standard sieve filter, stainless steel sieve filter, trolley sieve filter, liquid sieve filter, glaze sieve filter, flour sieve filter, mud sieve Filter and other equipment, the product models and specifications are complete, sold directly by the manufacturer, and the price starts as low as 1,000 yuan.

Dahan sieve filter manufacturers can also customize products according to user needs (materials, use places), such as: heightening the bottom bucket, heightening the screen frame, adding moving wheels at the bottom, heightening the screen frame, adding dustproof covers, etc.

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