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DAHAN screener & separator supports screening of materials with different characteristics in various industries. Dahan Machinery selected several representative industries, and recommended the corresponding matching products for your reference.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Dahan Machinery Food Grade Screening Equipment can solve your food material problem perfectly. We have served customers including powder pepper powder, cocoa powder, starch, salt, sugar powder, tea powder, etc. There are also some granular materials about corn kernels, fruit and vegetable granules, additives and so on.

    The most suitable equipment we recommend here is the Fine Screening Series. If you need any other transportation, please check our product page.


  • Paints & Coating

    Paints & Coating

    In essence, the process of coating production is to break the pigment solid particles through external forces and disperse them in the resin solution or emulsion so as to form a uniform fine suspension dispersion.

    In varnish production, because it does not involve the dispersion of pigments and fillers, the process is relatively simple, and the main applications are filtration and vibration screening. Paint production process refers to the material transfer or transformation process of dispersing pigments and fillers evenly in the base material into finished products of color paint. The core is the dispersion and grinding of pigments and fillers, which generally includes mixing, vibration screening, grinding and filtering.

    After years of screening experience of Dahan Machinery, the fine demand of paint industry is as follows: when the concentration and viscosity are high; when the concentration and viscosity are low, 200-400 mesh is generally used, spray paint and baking paint are generally used. General use 325 meshes, 400 meshes.

    Here we recommend:


  • Pharmaceuticals


    After the crushing of pharmaceutical raw materials, the particle size is not uniform, so it needs to be screened before mixing, which is why the screening machine is very important for the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs must be screened with standard vibrating screens, because of their special use, so they need to be treated strictly. Pharmaceutical vibrating screen is an upgraded screening equipment which needs to be upgraded on the basis of ordinary rotating vibrating screen according to the requirements. It is mainly used for screening and filtering various medical materials, fine powder, dry and wet materials.


  • Chemical


    Powders in chemical industry are generally easy to agglomerate, light weight, high precision and high density. Specific chemical powders are slightly corrosive or easily react. For corrosive chemical powders, we recommend that you contact us to customize plastic screening machines. If not, stainless steel screening opportunities are a good choice. For surprising chemical powder, Dahan Machinery believes that the rotary shaker is the best, but if you like the throughput requirements, then the rotary shaker is more suitable for you.


  • Agriculture& Fertilizer

    Agriculture& Fertilizer

    In order to obtain high quality fertilizer, the key is how to screen, classify and filter the chemical fertilizer. Fine screening equipment is mainly used for the development of urea-based compound fertilizer which is easy to bind and plug the screen hole. In addition to separators, in the transport of fertilizers, mainly based on the material characteristics of fertilizers to transport, such as dry material fluidity good conveying equipment.


  • Waste treatment & Recycling

    Waste treatment & Recycling

    Waste disposal is a suitable field for transportation industry, including the transportation of drilling mud non-landing waste slurry treatment system, kitchen garbage/household garbage, mud cake transportation and so on. The greatest feature of garbage is its strong winding, so special attention should be paid to the selection of equipment.


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