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Industrial Salt Z Type Bucket Elevator


Industrial salt is mainly used in alkali production, soap production and production of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide. It is also widely used in metallurgy, tanning, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, etc. It is inseparable from bucket elevators in the actual production process.


In the process of communicating with the customer, I learned that the customer mainly makes industrial salt, and wants to lift the industrial salt on the first floor to the second floor. In the previous operation process, it was manually pulled up at the beginning. In the process, the human input is large and the risk factor is high.


A manufacturer of conveying solutions since 2008, we are committed to providing you with quality and long-term solutions you can trust. The management team from the industrial salt industry explained the whole situation and described the pain they suffered.

Dahan Machinery thoroughly inspected the situation at the customer's site and observed that this problem could be easily solved with a Z-type bucket elevator. The sieving experts brought the industrial salt samples to Dahan Machinery's test facility and tested it on the z type bucket elevator, which is considered the best equipment for conveying this type of material.

The plant manager also requested an arrangement to use multipoiint unloading to accommodate the need for one machine to supply multiple silos. The Dahan Machinery design team designed 3 discharge ports for the Z-type bucket elevator, so that workers can easily complete the work of multi-point discharge

They purchased the machine at the suggestion of Dahan Machinery. The design team also claims that the machine is enclosed, so there is no chance of dust either. Because of this arrangement, the machine eliminates the need for more workers and automates the system.

Client feedback

We lift 10 tons of industrial salt per hour, and the inlet and outlet are designed to be about 22 meters above the ground. Dahan manufacturers recommended Z type bucket elevator for us. It has been more than half a year since it was put into production. The current equipment operation indicators have been stable, output, consumption Electricity, etc. all meet the predetermined requirements, Dahan is really trustworthy!

Wednesday July-03 2024  17:30:32

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