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How To Choose The Bouncing Ball of Vibro Sifter

The bouncing ball is an indispensable small part of the vibro sifter. Its function is to hit the screen by cyclically hopping back and forth between the rotary vibrating screen and the pallet, imitating the manual tapping of the screen surface, so that the material adhering to the screen surface can be separated from the screen. Avoid blocking the screen from affecting the screening output and accuracy.

How To Choose The Bouncing Ball of Vibro Sifter?

Vibro sifter bouncing balls according to the traditional classification are generally divided into φ10, φ15, φ20, φ25, φ28, φ30, φ40, φ50, φ60 and so on according to the traditional classification.

Bouncing balls can be roughly divided into rubber balls, silicone balls, and PTFE bouncing balls according to their materials. Bouncing balls of different materials have different uses.

Rubber bouncing ball: suitable for general material screening process.

Silicone bouncing ball: It has the advantages of good elasticity, wear resistance and not falling off. It is mainly suitable for screening food, medicine and other materials.

Polytetrafluoroethylene bouncing ball: It has the characteristics of oil resistance and will not deform when immersed in oil. It is mainly suitable for screening oily liquid materials.

According to different material characteristics, choose different bouncing balls to meet different customer requirements. Although bouncing balls are small accessories, they are the key to solving the screening problem. The bouncing ball of the rotary vibrating screen does not need to be added for all materials, such as materials with better fluidity and relatively coarse screen meshes, do not need to add a bouncing ball for cleaning, which will not be effective and increase the cost of customers. . Generally, finer materials should be obtained. If it is too fine, you have to consider using an ultrasonic system to clean the net. In general, according to our experience, the rotary vibrating screen needs to be added for 20 meshes and finer.

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