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Standard Soil Sieve Specification

Standard soil sieve, referred to as soil sieve, is used to sieve and test various soils, such as soil nitrogen content determination, soil potassium content determination, soil carbonate determination. This article will introduce you the specifications and models of standard soil sieve.

Standard Soil Sieve Specification

Standard soil sieve specification

The standard soil sieve consists of 10 sieves and a set of bottom covers, made of a double-layer chrome-plated punching rack. Common diameters are 20 and 30 cm.

Standard soil sieve aperture: 0.075mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 20mm, 40mm, 60mm.

Specification Sieve hole
Specification Sieve hole
Square hole 0.074 Iron plate round hole 5
Square hole copper mesh 0.25 10
Square hole copper mesh 0.5 20
Square hole copper mesh 1 40
Iron plate round hole 2 60
    Non-porous sieve Receiving tray

1mm can sieve dust powder in soil, 3mm can sieve 1-3mm soil particles, 6mm can sieve 6mm medium soil particles.

In addition, the standard soil sieve is also divided into soil analysis sieve, sand and gravel sieve, roadbed aggregate sieve, asphalt pavement aggregate sieve, metallurgical ore sieve, etc.

Its specifications are as follows:

NO. Types Specification
Standard sand screen (φ300, 7 pcs/set + bottom cover) 9.50、4.75、2.36、1.18、600um、300um、150um
Standard stone sieve (φ300 12 pcs/set + bottom cover) 2.36、4.75、9.50、16.0、19.0、26.5、31.5、37.5、53.0、63.0、0.75、90.0mm
Pavement base aggregate screen (φ200, 300, 11 pcs/set + bottom cover) 0.075、0.25、0.5、1、2、5、10、20、30、40、50
Bitumen Aggregate Square Hole Screen 0.075、0.15、0.3、0.6、1.18、2.36、4.75、9.5、13.2、16、19、26.5、31.5、53mm0
Standard square hole screen (φ200×50mm 6pcs/set) 4.75、9.5、13.2、16、19、26.5、31.5、37.5、53mm ;
Frame punching sand screen (casting screen) φ200 (11 pcs/set) 3.35、1.7、0.85、0.6、0.425、0.3、0.212、0.15、0.106、0.075、0.53mm
Pavement square hole aggregate screen 80、60、50、40、30、25、20、10、5、2、1、0.5、0.2、0.075mm
Asphalt pavement aggregate screen (φ200, 300, 15 pcs/set + bottom cover) 0.075、0.15、0.3、0.6、1.18、2.36、4.75、9.5、13.2、16.0、19.0、26.5、31.5、37.5、53mm
Sand screen φ200×50 (8 pcs/set) 10、5
Square hole copper mesh 2.5, 1.25, 0.63, 0.315, 0.16, 0.08
Stone sieve φ300×70mm (12pcs/set) 2.5、5、10、16、20、25、31.5、40、50、63、80、100mm
Lime sieve (φ200 5pcs/set+bottom cover) 0.125、0.71、0.9、5、20
Standard Pharmacopoeia Sieve φ200×50mm (9 pcs/set) 2、0.85、0.355、0.25、0.18、0.15、0.125、0.09、0、075mm

The above is the introduction of standard soil sieve specifications. For more specifications, please contact Xinxiang Dahan Machinery.

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