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Types of Vibratory Feeders

The vibrating feeder can uniformly, quantitatively and continuously feed the block and granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device, and is one of the equipments to realize the automatic production of the assembly line. Vibrating feeders are widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.

Types of Vibratory Feeders

Vibrating feeders generate continuous vibrations through the vibration drive device, causing the material to jump in the conveying trough, thereby achieving uniform, continuous and automatic conveying of materials. There are different types of vibrating feeders, different types of vibrating feeders are suitable for different material conveying needs. This article will explain to you the models and parameters of different types of vibratory feeders.

According to the different driving methods, it can be divided into motor type or electromagnetic vibration feeder:

1. Motor vibrating feeder

This type of vibrating feeder uses a vibrating motor as the excitation source to drive the hopper to work. Amplitude: 2-5mm, vibration frequency: 96-1450 times/min, low maintenance cost, coarse screening can be performed during feeding, and the finished product can be improved. The quality of the material and the amount of feeding, the amount of feeding is large but not very accurate.

2. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

This vibrating feeder uses an electromagnetic exciter as the vibration source to drive the hopper to work. Amplitude: 1.5-3mm, vibration frequency: 700-3000 times/min. It is used for bulk, granular or powdery materials, quantitative or continuous feeding, the feeding amount is adjustable, and the feeding accuracy is high.

Model Productivity (t/h) Feed chute size
Operation mode Feed particle size
Vibration motor Weight
Model Power
Vibration frequency
GZG30-4 15 300*1000*160 Continuous 120 380 50 YZD2.5-4 0.18*2 1450 110
GZG40-4 30 400*1200*160 YZD5-4 0.25*2 155
GZG50-4 50 500*1200*160 YZD8-4 0.4*2 190
GZG60-4 80 600*1800*180 180 YZD16-4 0.75*2 410
GZG70-4 100 700*1800*200 180 TZP20-4 1.1*2 440
GZG80-4 200 800*2000*225 200 TZD32-4 1.5*2 640
GZG90-4 300 900*1500*300 250 YZD50-4 2.2*2 730
GZG110-4 400 1100*1500*300 900
GZG130-4 500 1300*1500*400 350 1000
GZG70-6 80 700*1800*200 150 YZD20-6 1.5*2 960 440
GZG80-6 160 800*2000*225 180 YZD30-6 2.2*2 670
GZG90-6 240 900*1500*300 240 YZD40-6 3.0*2 740
GZG110-6 320 1100*1500*300 YZD50-6 3.7*2 > 940
GZG130-6 400 1300*1500*400 320 1040
GZG150-6 500 1500*1800*500 2000
GZG180-6 800 1800*1800*500 YZD75-6 5.5*2 2590
ZG200-6 1000 2000*2000*500 360 3700

The model parameters of the vibrating feeder are introduced here. Vibrating feeders are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power, grain and other industries to uniformly and quantitatively feed materials to receiving equipment such as crushing, coal preparation, screening, conveying, and packaging machinery.

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