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Vibrating Sieve for Sand and Aggregates

Sand and gravel aggregates are the main building materials for structures such as concrete and masonry in water conservancy projects. Aggregates with a particle size larger than 5mm are called coarse aggregates, which are often referred to as stones, and aggregates with a particle size smaller than 5mm are called fine aggregates, also known as sand. Coarse aggregates with different particle sizes have different accumulations of water pockets formed at the lower part of the particle size after concrete hardening. The lower water pockets of large particle size coarse aggregates are large and numerous. After the water in the water pockets evaporates, the lower interface forms The interfacial seam is bound to be wider than that of the small particle size, and the interfacial strength is low. The aggregate particle size is also very heavy.

Vibrating Sieve for Sand and Aggregates

The screening equipment used in the production process of sand and gravel aggregates:

The sand and gravel aggregate production line is crushed in each section, and the stone production line system is to screen the crushed ore through vibrating sieve. In the sand and gravel composite production line, the sand and stone materials need to be separated, and the graded sand and gravel materials need to be transported to their respective sites by belt conveyors. The equipment used in this process is generally circular vibrating sieve and linear vibrating sieve. The circular vibrating sieve is mainly used for fine aggregate, and the linear vibrating sieve is used for coarse aggregate.

1.Circular vibrating sieve for sand and aggregates

The circular vibrating sieve is for fine material screening, and the sand and gravel aggregates can be used as fine as 200 mesh according to the needs. At this time, the circular vibrating sieve can be finely screened. The working principle of the circular vibrating sieve and the straight vibrating sieve is very different. Similarly, the circular vibrating sieve uses a single vertical vibration motor to generate a three-dimensional motion mode through the weights at both ends, which can quickly screen, so it is suitable for fine screening.

2.Linear vibrating sievefor sand and aggregates

The linear vibrating sieve is the opposite vibration effect of the two horizontal vibration motors, so as to achieve a reciprocating motion mode, which is more suitable for coarse aggregates. The number can be multi-layered, the aggregate grades are more, the particles are relatively large, and the multi-layer linear vibrating sieve can be used.

The above is the application of sand and aggregates in vibrating sieve. If you are interested, you can contact Dahan Machinery at any time.

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