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Vibration Table Price

The price of vibration table has always attracted people's attention. Next, this article will introduce the price of vibration table in detail.

Vibration table price: $447-$2,236/unit

The above lists the approximate prices of different models of vibration tables. In addition, the price of vibration tables is also affected by the type (two-dimensional vibration table, three-dimensional vibration table), table size, platform load, motor type and configuration quantity, shock absorption Spring (steel spring, rubber spring, air spring) and other factors. The following will analyze for you in detail:

Model Table size Excitation point Exciting force
Carrying capacity
Vibration frequency
ZP-4 800x800 2 16 0.37*2 500 20-80 450.00
ZP-6-I 1000x1000 2 20 0.75*2 800 600.00
ZP-6-II 1200x1200 4 40 1.1*2 1500 720.00
ZP-8-I 1600x1200 4 40 1.5*2 1800 890.00
ZP-8-II 1600x1400 4~6 60-90 1.1*4 1000-2000 1200.00
ZP-10-I 2000x1600 4~6 60-90 1.5*4 1200-2000 2600.00
ZP-10-II 2000x1800 4~6 60-90 1.5*6 1000-25000 3600.00
ZP-12-I 3000x2000 6 60-120 6.6-9 1000-4000 4500.00
ZP-12-II 4000x3000 8 120-160 8.8-12 2000-5000 5800.00

Vibration table type

1. Type

The vibration table is divided into two-dimensional and three-dimensional vibration table. The two-dimensional vibration table is generally one or two vibration motors, which are used in industries such as concrete abrasives, while the three-dimensional vibration table can choose 2/4/6/8 vibration motors. , the vibration strength is stronger, which helps the material to be distributed more evenly, but the cost of the three-dimensional vibration table is also higher, which will be 200-1000 dollars more expensive than the ordinary two-dimensional vibration table.

2. Table size

In general, a small laboratory-scale vibration table can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, while a larger industrial-scale vibration table can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

3. Motor type

According to different table size, load weight, etc., the number and installation position of vibration motors can be determined, and whether frequency conversion or frequency modulation control is selected according to the vibration frequency of the platform, these will affect the price of the vibration table.

4. Damping spring

The commonly used damping springs for vibration tables are generally steel springs, rubber springs, and air springs. Choose different configurations according to different applications. Among them, the steel spring has the lowest price, but the supporting force is small, and is generally used in small vibration tables. The rubber spring is moderately priced and commonly used, with good supporting capacity and low noise. The air spring can change the height, generally used in occasions where the vibration table often rises and falls, and the cost will be slightly higher.

The above content introduces the price of the vibration table and the factors that affect the price. I hope it can help you. When choosing a vibration table, considering the material properties, bearing capacity requirements, and on-site conditions, you can not only achieve the desired vibrating effect, but also It can save costs and avoid cost waste caused by wrong selection.

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