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Vibratory Sifter Manufacturer from China

Dahan vibratory sifter manufacturer from China With 12 years of experience and expertise, vibratory sifter is specially built for processing fine materials, which can screen foreign matter, filter impurities, and classify materials to ensure product quality. Compared with traditional vibratory sifter, Dahan vibratory sifter is more efficient Higher and higher precision, each machine can achieve 6 levels of separation.

Vibratory Sifter Manufacturer from China

From the selection of materials, accessories, to design, production, to assembly, and debugging are strictly controlled, and there will be no cutting corners, counterfeit and inferior phenomena, because the vibratory sifter produced by our manufacturer will be strictly controlled before leaving the factory. The detection technology ensures that the equipment delivered to you is of high quality. Therefore, Dahan hereby solemnly promises to you: Dahan Company will bear the responsibility for any user loss caused by quality after the vibratory sifter is sold.

Vibratory Sifter Manufacturer from China

Vibratory sifter is a high-precision sifter equipment, the sieving accuracy is naturally not a problem. Whether it is powder, granule, or liquid, vibratory sifter can help you handle it. The sieving is as small as 500 mesh 0.028mm, and the filtering is as small as 5 Micron, accurate screening, if your material is easy to block the sieve holes, our vibratory sifter can be equipped with bouncing ball, rotating drum brush, ultrasonic and other net cleaning devices to easily deal with the problem of net blocking.

Since Dahan was established more than 12 years ago, the production process has gradually matured. It has a modern industrial plant with 100,000 square meters and hundreds of technical personnel. The vibratory sifter has been sold to more than 30 countries including Russia, Indonesia, Poland, and Thailand. The customer satisfaction has reached 99%.

We are a one-stop large-scale vibratory sifter manufacturer integrating design, processing, installation and maintenance. The manufacturer can achieve efficient docking with users. The equipment does not need to pass through the intermediate circulation link, which can reduce the intermediate price difference. Therefore, the price of vibratory sifter is cheaper.

Dahan vibratory sifter has many models and can be designed and produced free of charge according to user needs. The big brand is worthy of your trust.

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