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Vibro Sifter Cleaning Methods Improve Efficiencies

Vibro sifter often appears blocked during use. Cleaning methods come in handy at this time. Vibro siftercleaning methods can promptly and quickly separate the viscous materials accumulated on the screen surface and remove the materials that have been blocked in the mesh. Carry out cleaning and lower sieve, so as to make the whole automatic sifting process smooth and efficient. Knowing these is not enough, you still need to know what are the common cleaning methods? Which type of vibrating screen equipment is suitable for?

Vibro Sifter Cleaning Methods Improve Efficiencies

1. Bouncing ball cleaning methods

Bouncing ball cleaning methods are regarded as the most common vibro sifter cleaning methods, which are suitable for most granular material screening operations. Its appearance is spherical. The bouncing ball is installed between the subnet and the mother screen of the vibrating screen. During the working process of the vibrating screen, the bouncing ball reciprocally bounces and hits the material attached to the subnet to increase the penetration rate of the material and effectively Avoid material blocking the screen and increase the screening output.

Bouncing ball cleaning methods

Material: It can be divided into rubber material and silicone material. Rubber bouncing balls are usually suitable for the screening process of general materials. Compared with rubber bouncing balls, silicone bouncing balls have the advantages of better elasticity, better abrasion resistance, and are not suitable for falling off. They are usually suitable for screening food, medicine and other materials.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning methods

Ultrasonic cleaning methods

Ultrasonic cleaning methods use ultrasonic vibration waves to clean the screen, which is suitable for the processing of fine materials. It is mainly composed of an ultrasonic power supply, a transducer and an ultrasonic grid. Ultrasonic cleaning methods convert conventional electricity into 18KHZ high-frequency electrical energy through ultrasonic power, and then use a transducer to act on the grid to complete the entire cleaning process. The ultrasonic cleaning device is specially designed and developed to solve the fine materials below 500 mesh or some materials with adsorption, static electricity, sticking net, clumping, light specific gravity and other materials. Therefore, when choosing this kind of cleaning methods, you need to consider the characteristics of the materials to be screened. Make a reasonable choice.

3. Rotary brush cleaning methods

Rotary brush cleaning methods

Drum brush cleaning methods are suitable for spherical, crystalline and brittle materials. It is mainly composed of two groups of cylindrical silica gel (the number is related to the diameter of the screen frame). The rotating brush is installed in the center of the screen frame and connected with a coupling. The work of clearing the net.

The above is an introduction to the three common cleaning methods of vibro sifter, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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