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Working Principle of Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter is a simple screening equipment, but its structure and working principle may be quite challenging for most people.

Before we review the working principle of vibro sifter, let us discuss some basic components of the device:

Different Parts of Vibro Sifter

Screen: Choose different apertures for materials of different particle sizes.

Vibration motor: Use the vibration of the vibration motor to drive the overall vibration of the vibro sifter.

Spring: There are 12 to 20 vibration isolation springs along the vibration transmission body, which can reduce the damage of vibration to the machine and reduce the working noise at the same time.

Dust cover: to prevent the dust from spilling during the screening and prevent the screening site from being polluted.

Vibro Sifter Working Principle

Vibro Sifter uses a vertical vibration motor as the excitation source. The eccentric weight on the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor converts the rotational motion into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and transmits it to the screen surface of the vibro sifter.

1. The material enters the equipment through the inlet. According to different screening requirements, the material passes through 1-5 layers of screens with different meshes.

2. The screen cleaning device located under the screens of each layer constantly hits the screens, so that the materials can be screened smoothly and effectively avoid the problem of material blocking the screen.

3. The materials of different meshes pass through the screens of the corresponding meshes of each layer or are discharged through the discharge ports arranged on each layer, and finally achieve the purpose of screening or filtering.

Vibro sifter can be used at the same time for 1-5 layers according to the different needs of customers, from the screen diameter of 400-2000mm, 1-5 layers, 304 stainless steel and carbon steel materials, etc., various models are complete, which can meet various powder, particle screening and Liquid filtration needs.

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