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Z Type Bucket Elevator Type

Z-type elevators can be divided into Z-type bucket elevators, Z-type vertical elevators, and Z-type reciprocating elevators according to different forms.

Z Type Bucket Elevator is named after the letter Z according to the position of the inlet and outlet. According to the different forms of conveying carriers, it can be divided into: Z-type bucket elevator, Z-type vertical elevator, Z-type reciprocating type hoist;

The main body forms of the z-type hoist: Z-shaped, C-shaped, horizontal type, etc. It is used for horizontal-vertical-horizontal conveying of granular and small block materials. It has compact structure, covers an area of eight, large lifting height, good sealing performance, and almost no damage to materials.

Model style of bucket elevator (Z-type elevator, C-type elevator):

Z(C)) type rotary bucket elevator can be widely used in the lifting and conveying of bulk small blocks (<5cm), granules and powders in various industries. Z-type feeding, C-type feeding, Z-C mixed feeding and multi-point feeding materials, multi-point cutting and other automated production lines.

Z-type bucket elevator is suitable for continuous lifting of granular, powder and small block materials;

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