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Flexible Screw Conveyor

For the collection, transportation, loading and storage of particulate matter such as wheat, corn, rice, and cereals

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Easy to move Easy to carry Low damage rate

Pipe diameter: 100mm/120mm/160mm

Conveying length: 3m-12m

Vertical height: 3m-4m

Conveying capacity: 4-20 tons/hour

Drive: single motor/three phase/Gasoline engine/diesel engine

Voltage: 220/380v or design

Conveying angle: 0-90 degrees

Application: New and special designs for grain conveying, suction, car loading, stack transfer and storage of wheat, corn, rice, beans, etc.

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Introduction of Flexible Screw Conveyor

portable flexible screw conveyor

Flexible screw conveyor is designed to transport dry bulk products at low cost, enabling easy movement of items from unloading stations, bag unloading stations, storage bins or processing equipment to a range of further processing equipment or packaging equipment, often used for truck loading And food transportation, suitable for transporting rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, etc., can also be used to transport dry sand, pebbles, cement, wood chips, etc., it can be horizontal, vertical or inclined, with the characteristics of small size and easy to carry, it is used by families Commonly used on farms.

The diameter of the flexible screw conveyor is 100mm, 120mm, 160mm, and there are single-phase and three-phase motors (the default is single-phase), 100mm*12m, 120mm*8m or more need to use 380v voltage, 220v can generally increase 3m, 380v can generally increase 4~5m (data are generally particles).

Types of Flexible Screw Conveyor

1、Hand flexible screw conveyor

The machine is light in weight, small in model design, and small in thrust when working, which enables it to work hand-held and reduce work intensity.

2、Vehicle-mounted flexible screw conveyor: It can be directly stuck on the heightened wall of the truck box, and can be bent and moved. It is especially suitable for replenishment, delivery, overturning, and stacking of large grain depots, as well as in the production process of farms, grain processing, beer, brewing and other industries. Bulk, bulk transport.

You can also choose motor-driven, diesel-driven and gasoline-driven three driving modes according to your requirements.


Working Principle of Flexible Screw Conveyor

A metal helical screw rotates within a stationary tube, creating a directional force that moves the material upwards through the tube, from the feed end of the equipment to the discharge point. Tubes and screws are flexible within specifications and are available in a variety of configurations, each suited to the type of material being conveyed.

Structural Principles

Technical Parameters of Flexible Screw Conveyor

Product Name Flexible Screw Conveyor
Working voltage 220V/380V
Maximum power 5.5kw (single-phase 6-inch available)
Conveying distance 3-15m
Applicable scope Wheat/corn/rice/millet/soybeans/mung beans/granular materials and cement flour dry powder, etc
Size corresponds to outer diameter 3.5 inches
4 inches
6 inches
Pipe wall thickness 5mm 5mm 6.5mm
Harvest every hour 6-7 tons 8-10 tons 18-20 tons
Supporting Jiaolong 75 spring 85 spring 122 spring
Pipe material Cow tendon hose Cow tendon hose Cow tendon hose
(Applicable temperature -30℃—+38℃
Use height 220v (0-4 meters)/380v (0-5 meters)
Bending radius 1.5m 2m 2.5m

Application of Flexible Screw Conveyor

Flexible screw conveyor is very suitable for individual farmers, professional grain growers, and agricultural cooperatives. It can also be used for conveying pellets in farms, feed factories, food factories, plastic factories, etc. It can transport wheat, soybean, corn, rice, sorghum, plastic, resin, rice and other grains. It can be transported horizontally and inclined.

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Benefits of Flexible Screw Conveyor

Wide range of applications

Both free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials can be conveyed, including powders, granules and pellets as well as small irregularly shaped materials.

Large volume

The lifting height is high, up to 4 meters, and the horizontal transportation distance is 5-30 meters, which meets your needs and supports customized lengths.


Conveyor tubes and screws are flexible and can be bent within recommended bend radii to allow the conveyor to maneuver around fixed obstructions.


They take up little space and, due to their flexibility, are lighter than other conveyors for easy handling, portability and installation.

Ideal for batch and batch production

Flexible screw conveyors operate most efficiently at a 45° angle, but can also operate horizontally and at other angles.


The product is conveyed through a sealed tube, thereby eliminating problems such as dust generated during the conveying process.

Structure of Flexible Screw Conveyor

structure and details

Pure copper motor: 100% pure copper motor, using 220V single-phase electric / 380V three-phase electric, power 2.2-4kw.

Spiral tube: The material is PVC resin, and the PVC resin spiral tube is a good wear-resistant tube with the characteristics of wear resistance and cold resistance. This extends the life of the conveyor.

Manganese steel screw: Manganese steel screw, good hardness and toughness, wear-resistant, smooth appearance, will not damage the pipeline.

Available options

1. There are single motor/three phase/Gasoline engine/diesel engine

2. The power of the motor is generally 3 kilowatts, and some are equipped with 4 kilowatts of motors. The speed is about 1400/min. The special motor, 220v electricity can be used for reference. The selection range is 3.5 inches with a total length of 3- -12 meters; 8 meters, 380v electricity is not

Due to this limitation, it is recommended to use 380v for 380v electricity.

Proof of Solutions for Our Wide Range of Products

Customer case

Flexible Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

Our equipment is sent to all over the world. Before leaving the factory, it has been strictly inspected by special personnel to avoid unnecessary troubles for customers and the factory after delivery. The warranty period is 1 year. Due to the long distance, it is inconvenient for the technicians in the factory to arrive. The factory provides key accessories for free, (consumable parts, man-made damage or losses caused by abnormal installation and use are not guaranteed for free).


Q: What are the materials of the soft spiral and the tube? Will it damage the tube? Will the spiral break?

A: The soft spiral is made of manganese steel, which is imported from South Africa. It has good hardness, elasticity and wear resistance, and the outer edge is specially treated to be smooth, which will not cause damage to the pipe. The tube is a custom-made beef tendon tube, which remains elastic all year round and can be bent arbitrarily. And add wear-resistant materials to prolong the life of the pipe.

Q: What materials is the flexible screw conveyor suitable for? How efficient is it?

A: Suitable for wheat, corn, rice, rapeseed, plastic particles and other materials with good fluidity. Wheat and corn can reach 2-25 tons per hour.

Q: How many phases does the flexible screw conveyor use?

A: There are two-phase and three-phase machines, and you can choose according to your needs. The voltage above 100mm*12m/120*8m needs to be 380V.

Q: How many meters can the flexible screw conveyor make?

A: 30 meters can be made, the motor is in the middle, the inlet pipe is 15 meters, and the outlet pipe is 15 meters, and the voltage of 380V must be applied.

Q: How many meters can it be raised?

A: 220V can be increased by 3 meters, 380V can be increased by 3-5 meters (the data is based on general grain)

Q: Can the flexible screw conveyor pump sand?

A: Yes, it can not only suck grain, but also can suck granular sand, fertilizer, feed, chemical products and other non-corrosive granular materials.

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