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Grain Auger Conveyor

Convey various bulk grains horizontally, inclinedly or vertically

CE ISO Registered trademark

Price:$500.00 - $20,000.00/Set

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Clean and hygienic Good sealing Not easy to block

Diameter: 100mm-1250mm

Length: 2-70 meters

Capacity: 458m³/h Speed: 20-150 rpm

Material: Stainless steel

Application: Powder or granular materials such as corn, rice, salt, soybeans, flour, starch, etc.

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What does the Grain Auger Conveyor do?

Grain auger conveyor can be used for a variety of tasks, such as loading and unloading grain from storage bins, trucks, and railcars. It can also be used for conveying feed and other materials in livestock operations. In addition, it is used in other industries, such as mining, construction, and food processing, to move bulk materials like sand, gravel, cement, and flour.

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The following are its applications in the grain industry:

Loading and Unloading: For loading and unloading grain from storage bins, trucks, trailers and trains. They are essential for moving grain from one location to another without compromising grain quality.

Grain Handling: Used in processing plants to transfer grain from one handling area to another, such as transferring grain from a receiving area to a cleaning area or from a cleaning area to a storage area.

Drying: For drying grain. They pass the grain through a dryer to dry it without damage.

Distribution: Used to distribute grain to different locations. They are used to transfer grain from storage bins to feeders or to distribute grain to different silos or storage bins.

What is a Grain Auger Conveyor?

A grain auger conveyor is a conveyor system used to move grain or other bulk material from one location to another. It consists of a long metal tube or slot, usually inclined at an angle, with a rotating helical blade or auger inside. As the auger rotates, it moves material along the length of the tube or trough, pushing it forward and upward. The speed of the auger can be controlled to regulate the rate at which material moves, and the angle of the tube or trough can be adjusted to control the inclination of the conveyor.

Grain auger conveyor can transport grain horizontally, inclinedly and vertically

Grain auger conveyors are commonly used in agriculture, especially for the handling of grains and other agricultural products such as wheat, corn, soybeans, peanuts, sesame, paddy and other grains, they are often used for loading and unloading from storage bins, trucks and train cars Grain, which is also used to transport feed and other materials in livestock farming.

How Does Grain Auger Conveyor Works?

Grain auger conveyor uses rotating spiral blades to push the grain for transportation. The force that makes the material and the spiral blade rotate together is the weight of the material and the frictional resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The movement of grain in the middle bearing depends on the thrust of the material moving forward. Therefore, the transportation of grain in the screw conveyor is entirely a slipping motion.

Technical Parameters of Grain Auger Conveyor

Model Diameter
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Small 100 100 100 140 2.2 112 1.7 90 1.4 71 1.1
125 125 125 125 3.8 100 3 80 2.4 63 1.9
160 160 160 112 7.1 90 5.7 71 4.5 56 3.6
200 200 200 100 12.4 80 9.9 63 7.8 50 6.2
Small 250 250 250 90 21.8 71 17.2 56 13.6 45 10.9
315 315 315 80 38.8 63 30.5 50 24.2 40 13.4
400 400 355 71 62.5 56 49.3 45 38.6 36 31.7
Large 500 500 400 63 97.7 50 77.6 40 62 32 49.6
630 630 450 50 138.5 40 110.8 32 88.6 25 69.3
800 800 500 40 198.5 32 158.8 25 124.1 20 99.3

Benefits of Grain Auger Conveyor

1. Large delivery volume

The conveying length of the single machine can reach 30 meters, and the segmented installation can reach 100 meters, and the conveying capacity can reach 142 cubic meters per hour.

2. No dust pollution

The sealing function is good, there will be no leakage, and no dust, so it can greatly improve the working environment.

3. Flexible layout

The diameter of the spiral body is small, but the rotation speed is high, so it has a high conveying capacity, which is especially suitable for skewed and straight conveying.

4. Multiple connection methods

The inlet and outlet can adopt various forms such as flange connection, cloth connection, cloth suspension rod connection, universal interface connection and so on.

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