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Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

Introduction of Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

Juice vibrating filter sieve can easily remove peel fragments, capsules, coarse pulp paste and seeds in juice, so it has been widely used in the production process of citrus juice, orange juice and other juice industries. The application of different screens of vibrating filter sieve can easily achieve the purpose of coarse filtration (20 mesh) and fine filtration (80 mesh).

Application of Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

The Juice vibrating filter sieve sieves the pulp from the puree quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity and ensuring clear juice without pulp, removing oversized solids, the vibrating filter sieve is easy to clean and improves hygiene.

Processed materials: fruit juice, fruit and vegetable, fresh jujube juice, coconut juice

Output: 6-10m³/h

Screening mesh: 40-80 mesh

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Working Principle of Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

Juice vibrating filter sieve is vibrated by a heavy hammer driven by a motor, and the screen body produces horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and spreads out from the center to the discharge port for discharge, and the material is on the screen. During the movement of the surface, fine particles or liquids pass through the screen, and the material can be screened, classified or filtered by selecting and installing the corresponding screen and the number of screen layers, and the sorted materials are automatically discharged from their respective discharge ports.

Benefits of Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

1. It is suitable for the filtration of various juices, which can remove small particles or tiny suspended solids in the juice and improve the quality of the product.

2. The minimum filter size is 400 mesh. Small in appearance, light in weight, free to move, and takes up little space.

3. Impurities and coarse materials are automatically unloaded, which can be continuously filtered, and the output per hour can reach 2000kg/h.

4. The system is completely closed, and there is no leakage problem. Features advanced seals for more accurate product filtration.

5. The screen frame is heightened to prevent the slurry from splashing.

Technical Parameters of Juice Vibrating Filter Sieve

Model Power
Whole machine size
Sieve body size(Diameter*Height)
DH-450 0.18 500*500*600 488*135 40 The seat material is Q235 high quality carbon steel, stainless steel can be selected according to needs
(With mobile trolley)
500*500*1000 48

Proof of Solutions for Our Wide Range of Products

Classic Case:

1. Fruit and vegetable juice: The apple juice and peach juice we drink are all blended with the original fruits and vegetables. The actual sieving of the original fruits and vegetables without water is only 40-60 meshes.

2. Fresh jujube juice: Usually, the red jujube juice we drink is made of chemical products. Fresh jujube juice is green in color and has a higher viscosity. There are more jujube meat. Screening purpose: It is necessary to remove part of the jujube meat to affect the taste. Mesh: 40 mesh

3. Coconut juice: The milky white coconut juice we usually drink is filtered by a sieving machine and then processed and packaged. The purpose of sieving: It is necessary to remove the fine fibers in the coconut juice so as not to affect the taste. Mesh: 80 mesh

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