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Small Auger Feeder

A auger feeder equipment designed for small-volume users

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Small diameter Small capacity Small footprint

Auger diameter: 100mm, 114mm, 159mm, 160mm

Capacity:0.001 kg/h-1000 kg/h

Length: 100mm-2000mm

Material:carbon steel/stainless steel

Power: 0.75-11kw

Installation angle: 0-90 degrees

Weight: 25-45kg

Application: Uniform and continuous feeding and unloading of small batches of powder and granules in laboratories and small batching plants.

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What Is Small Auger Feeder?

Small auger feeder is designed for small output

Small auger feeder is a small-diameter auger conveyor, also known as a micro-screw auger conveyor, with a screw diameter of 100mm-159mm, a length (center-to-center distance) of 100mm-2000mm, and a conveying capacity of 0.01kg/h-1000kg/h. Designed for small feed rates and laboratory applications, typically used in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals or any process that requires precise delivery of small quantities.

Working Principle of Small Auger Feeder

The working principle of a small auger feeder involves the rotation of a screw or helical blade inside a housing or trough to convey and meter a small amount of powder or granular material, loading the material to be conveyed into the inlet of the housing or trough, the screw or auger The blades are rotated by a motor or other power source to move the material along the length of the housing or trough.

Technical Parameters of Small Auger Feeder

Model Spiral diameter
Delivery capacity
Motor power
100 114 3 100 1 0.15-0.45
114 114 5-10 140 3 1.6
159 159 10 120 10 1.5
160 160 35 120 8 2.8

Application of Small Auger Feeder

Different Industries

Small auger feeders can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, experiment, seasoning and other scenes that require continuous, uniform and accurate feeding of ingredients. It is usually installed under the silo and the main screw feeder to feed a small amount accurately. . Here are some common applications for small auger feeders:

Food industry: It can be used to measure ingredients such as spices, seasonings and food additives in the food processing industry.

Pharmaceutical industry: Can be used for metering active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical industry: It can be used to measure chemicals and additives in the chemical industry.

Agricultural industry: It can be used to measure various agricultural products such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and animal feed.

Plastics industry: It can be used to measure plastic additives, colorants and fillers in the plastics industry.

Construction industry: It can be used to measure cement, lime and other building materials in the construction industry.

Benefits of Small Auger Feeder

Small batch delivery

The diameter of the screw is 100mm-159mm, etc., the length is 100-2000mm, and the conveying capacity is from 0.5kg/hour to 1000kg/hour, which is suitable for any occasion that requires a small amount of precision.

Small footprint

The screw diameter is small, the structure is compact, it can be installed in a narrow area, and it can reliably and accurately feed various dry powder and granular materials in a very small footprint.

Controlled emissions

Fast speeds ensure a steady, even delivery of product and can be designed to discharge material in a controlled manner into mixing containers or packaging machines.

Material Handling Automation

It can be integrated into material handling automation system to realize continuous and automatic material transportation and metering.

Sealed and dust-free

The structure is sealed to avoid pollution to the conveyed products.

Low cost

Specially designed for small feed rate and laboratory, low cost.

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Details of Small Auger Feeder

Structure of Small Auger Feeder

1. Speed control motor and explosion-proof motor can be equipped with speed control mode: electromagnetic speed control, stepless speed change, frequency conversion speed control motor (220V)

2. It can be equipped with stirring device, weighing and measuring device, water cooling device, silo wall vibration device, heating device, hopper, etc.

3. The outer tube shape can be round tube type and U-shaped groove type

4. Spiral shaft can be divided into shaft type and shaftless type

5. The double screw small auger feeder can be customized

6. It can be installed tilted up or down

Available Options

Size and Capacity: The Small auger feeder is designed for applications requiring the transport and metering of small quantities of material, size and capacity can vary according to specific application requirements.

Screw Design: Screws can be designed with different pitches, diameters and flight configurations to optimize material flow and transport.

Housing Design: Housings can be customized in different shapes and sizes to meet specific application requirements.

Materials of Construction: The screw and housing can be made of different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic to meet the requirements of the application.

Inlet and Outlet Options: Inlets and outlets can be customized in different configurations and sizes to meet application specific loading and unloading requirements.

Feeder: A feeder can be added at the entrance to adjust the material flow into the feeder.

Controls: Controls are used to start and stop the feeder, regulate the speed and flow of material, and monitor the operation of the feeder.

Customer Case

Customer Case

Why choose Dahan Machinery?

[Small auger feeder manufacturer] Dahan Machinery [13 years of experience], specializing in U-shaped screw conveyor models, small auger feeder prices are reasonable, warranty for 1 year, customized quick model selection and drawing parameters are provided.

This product has specifications (single shaft, no shaft), shell blade material: carbon steel, stainless steel. According to the particle size, conveying volume, and conveying distance of the conveyed material, the design can be reasonably selected to ensure that the material is not jammed, arched, and the material is discharged smoothly. Parameters and drawings are provided free of charge.

Small auger feeder manufacturers are one-stop production, from design, drawing, modeling, processing, quality inspection, assembly, test machine, painting, delivery, etc. We have machining workshops (lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines), assembly workshops, painting workshops, warehouses, etc.

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