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PVC Auger Feeder for Poultry Farm

Now the poultry farm has a variety of PVC auger feeders, which are very convenient to use, simple to operate, and labor-saving. Dahan Machinery mainly produces PVC auger feeder. The whole auger feeder is made of plastic. It is powered by the rotation of the motor and conveys the chicken manure driven by the manure removal belt to one end.

PVC Auger Feeder for Poultry Farm

For example, if the chicken farm uses PVC auger feeder to clean the manure, the manure can be directly transferred to the plastic manure removal auger through the manure removal conveyor, and then transported to the outside of the chicken shed by the PVC auger feeder. This process does not require manual cleaning, only Just press the switch when cleaning. The chicken manure cleaned in this way not only has a low moisture content, but also greatly reduces unnecessary physical labor and time. The PVC auger feeder also has the characteristics of simple structure, high practicability, low failure rate and simple operation.

Since the main body of the PVC auger feeder is made of plastic, it has better corrosion resistance than the metal auger. As far as chicken farms are concerned, chicken manure is corrosive to metal to a certain extent, and the iron auger feeder is in After a period of use, the surface of the blade will be corroded, resulting in unsmooth rotation, increased noise, and reduced service life.

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A PVC auger feeder for poultry farms is a specialized automatic feeding system made of durable PVC material. It features an auger mechanism inside a PVC pipe to efficiently transport and dispense feed to poultry. This feeder ensures a consistent feed supply, reduces manual labor, and can be customized for varying capacities. With adjustable settings for feed flow control and easy cleaning, the PVC auger feeder promotes efficiency, hygiene, and optimal nutrition delivery for poultry in farm settings.

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