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Vibratory Sifter Price

At present, the application of vibratory sifter on the market has been very extensive. Customers compare multiple manufacturers and the quotations given are inconsistent. So what is the price of vibratory sifter? The editor of Dahan Machinery is here to answer you:

Vibratory Sifter Price

The price of vibratory sifter: $800.00-$4,500.00/Set

Several factors affect the price of vibratory sifter:

1. Material


The vibratory sifter is made of various materials, mainly carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc. The quality and purpose of the vibratory sifter produced by different kinds of materials are also very different, and the natural price is also inconsistent. Generally speaking, the price of stainless steel is higher than that of carbon steel and plastic. Like a model of DH400, the price of stainless steel is around 3,500 for the first layer, the price of carbon steel is around 2,500, and the price of plastic is around 1,500. Customers can choose the vibratory sifter of the corresponding material according to the material they want to screen.

2. Number of layers

Number of layers

The vibratory sifter can be installed with 4 layers of screens at most, the more layers, the greater the output. Customers purchase the corresponding number of layers according to the materials they want to screen. The more layers, the more expensive the price. However, it is not recommended to set the number of layers too high, which will cause the vibration motor's excitation force to not be able to transfer materials well and damage the machine.

3. Model


There are many types of vibratory sifter, and different models correspond to different material output, so the model of vibratory sifter will also affect the price problem. The vibratory sifter models are DH-400, DH-600, DH-800, DH-1000, DH-1200, DH-1500, DH-1800, DH-2000 and other models. For small output, DH400 and DH600 are recommended, and for large output, DH1800 , DH2000. The larger the model, the greater the screening output, but at the same time the price of the equipment is also more expensive. We have to choose the model according to the actual output.

4. Special design

Special design

Customers may customize the vibratory sifter for their own materials, so that the original material, number of layers, and labor costs are changed, and the calculation needs to be recalculated, and the price will be changed accordingly. The manufacturer and the customer need to negotiate.


Dahan vibratory sifter is sold directly by the factory, and the price is cheap.

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