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Why Use Vibro Sifter for Spice?

There are different types of spices, such as chili, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, pepper and so on. These spices are mixed together according to the selection, and the whole spices are brought to the factory and thoroughly cleaned. After washing and drying, these spices are ground to obtain the powder form of the spices.

Why sieving equipment is required?

Spice manufacturers produce individual spices and mixed spices. But each flavor must go through a screening process. There are many reasons to use a screening machine at this stage.

1.After grinding, the fragrance may contain large pieces of material that were not properly ground.

2.The formation of clumps or lumps due to humidity.

3.The products stored in the factory may agglomerate.

4.May unknowingly introduce any unwanted impurities, such as metal or plastic parts.

5.If it is not removed before the packaging process, all these impurities or unwanted contamination will damage the quality of the product.

Which sieving equipment is needed?

Dahan Machinery Manufacturer of screening and filtering equipment. We provide a wide range of screening and filtering machines worldwide. For the fragrance manufacturing industry, we have experts to provide the best solutions according to customer requirements.

The primary requirement of almost all manufacturers is the requirement for the capacity of the screening machine. The screening machine should at least provide the capacity that can handle the feed rate without clogging the system.

Different types of spices have different bulk densities. Choose according to the machine.

Leak-proof design is the first choice of major manufacturers to keep their floor area clean.

The material is high-grade stainless steel, such as SUS 304 or 316L, and the rubber parts should be food grade.

Most industries require sanitary or mirror polishing machines to prevent the captured particles from decay.

Dahan Machinery provides equipment based on the same specifications. For example, Vibro sifter is placed in the initial stage of processing to remove impurities in the entire fragrance.

Because it may contain some impurities, such as small stones, stems, leaves, metal or wood chips.

Circular separators such as Vibro sifter or ultrasonic vibro sifter are placed after the grinding stage to check for sieving or grading applications.

First, the spices are individually sieved and packaged as required. But for mixed fragrance products, different fragrances are mixed together in the correct ratio to obtain the desired mix. Check again and screening is done through vibro sifter before packaging.

Excellent spice taste is achieved through excellent product quality. Therefore, a real screening expert can help you choose the right screening equipment. The screening equipment of Dahan Machinery can be customized according to the requirements of the factory, and additional accessories can be added to improve the performance of the machine.

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