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Models And Parameters of Vibro Sifter

Vibro sifter is currently a common screening machine in the industry, with stable operation and high screening efficiency, and is widely used for screening and filtering granular, powder, mucus and other materials.

Models of vibro sifter

Vibro sifter mainly include DH-600, DH-800, DH-1000, DH-1200, DH-1500, DH-1800, DH-2000 and other models. Different types of vibro sifters have different sieve holes and sieve weights. different.

Technical parameters of vibro sifter

According to different materials, it can be classified into all-carbon steel vibro sifter, standard vibro sifter, all stainless steel vibro sifter, and plastic vibro sifter:

1.Standard type vibro sifter

A combination of carbon steel and stainless steel. The contact surface between the body and the material is made of 304 stainless steel, and the base is made of ordinary carbon steel.

2. All stainless steel vibro sifter

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The screen machine is strictly polished, welded and polished to meet the diverse needs of users.

3.All carbon steel vibro sifter

Carbon steel material, low cost, suitable for general material screening and filtration.

4.Plastic vibro sifter

This type of model is less and has a limited scope of application. It is mainly used under strong acid and strong alkali conditions.



Of course, in order to meet the needs of more users, we will also customize the design of the vibro sifter according to the needs of customers.

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