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Poultry Auger Feeder

It is used in farms to remove manure quickly and cleanly, and the operator can lift the manure to Kusai County or the drum rack without going down to the shed.


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Anti-corrosion Airtight and odorless Low cost

Conveying capacity: 142m³/h

Conveying length: 60 meters

Suitable temperature: -30~140℃

Applicable materials: chemical raw materials, fluorescent powder, poultry manure and other strong acid and strong alkaline materials

Application: Suitable for large and small chicken farms, pig farms, duck houses, etc. to clean up manure

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What is a Poultry Auger Feeder?

Poultry Auger Feeder

Poultry auger feeder is made of polypropylene PP material. Compared with metal auger, it has better corrosion resistance, can effectively avoid reaction with corrosive materials, and has a longer service life. It is mainly used in breeding and animal husbandry industries. Used to transport animal feces.

Application of Poultry Auger Feeder


Poultry auger feeder is mainly used to clean manure in chicken farms, pig farms, duck tongues and other breeding industries. Manure can be transported directly to the plastic manure removal auger through the manure removal conveyor belt, and then transported by the manure removal auger to the chicken farming. Outside the shed, this process does not require manual cleaning, just press the switch when cleaning. Because plastic has good corrosion resistance, its service life is longer than traditional iron augers, and it is a suitable manure removal equipment for farms. The following are some specific examples of using poultry auger feeder to treat poultry manure:

1. Chicken house manure cleaning: Install poultry auger feeder in the chicken house to transport the manure in the chicken house to the collection pool outside the chicken house.

2. Manure transportation in composting plant: Install poultry auger feeder in the composting plant to transport the arrived poultry manure to the composting area.

3. Biogas digester manure transportation: Install poultry auger feeder in the biogas digester to transport the poultry manure to the biogas digester.

4. Manure dehydration system: Install poultry auger feeder in the manure dehydration system to transport poultry manure to the dehydrator.

5. Manure drying system: Install poultry auger feeder in the manure drying system to transport poultry manure to the dryer.

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Benefits of Poultry Auger Feeder

Corrosion resistance

It is made of pp material with heating, heat preservation and waterproof plastic, which is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali materials and has a long service life.

Fast transportation

The whole machine is small in size and light in weight, convenient for intermediate loading and unloading, high speed, fast and clean manure removal, and the user can lift the manure out of the shed or pull the manure cart without leaving the shed.

Good sealing

Good airtightness, which can prevent the odor from spilling during the transportation process, and the feces are not easy to spill out, and improve the cleanliness of the farm space.


Poultry auger feeder can be customized in length and angle as needed to meet the requirements of different sites and transportation distances, and has certain flexibility and adaptability.

Reduce the cost of manure treatment

By using auger feeder to transport manure, the manure treatment process can be simplified, the treatment cost can be reduced, the treatment efficiency can be improved, and it is helpful to improve the economic benefits of the farm.

Automated operation

Auger feeder can realize automated operation, reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. Manure can be transported directly from the collection point to a treatment facility or storage area without the need for human intervention.

Working Principle of Poultry Auger Feeder

The motor reducer drives the rotation of the active drum, and then the active drum drives the conveyor belt to move the chicken manure on the conveyor belt to the plastic manure removal auger. The plastic auger rotates to drive the chicken manure forward, and then it is transported to it by the poultry auger feeder. Outside the shed or on a transport truck.

Technical Parameters of Poultry Auger Feeder

Model Diameter
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Rotating speed
Small 100 100 100 140 2.2 112 1.7 90 1.4 71 1.1
125 125 125 125 3.8 100 3 80 2.4 63 1.9
160 160 160 112 7.1 90 5.7 71 4.5 56 3.6
200 200 200 100 12.4 80 9.9 63 7.8 50 6.2
Small 250 250 250 90 21.8 71 17.2 56 13.6 45 10.9
315 315 315 80 38.8 63 30.5 50 24.2 40 13.4
400 400 355 71 62.5 56 49.3 45 38.6 36 31.7
Large 500 500 400 63 97.7 50 77.6 40 62 32 49.6
630 630 450 50 138.5 40 110.8 32 88.6 25 69.3
800 800 500 40 198.5 32 158.8 25 124.1 20 99.3

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